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Assignment about lobbying strategies. The absorption accumulation you will address about is the AMERICAN HOTEL AND LODGING ASSOCIATION (AHLA) AHLA are auberge owners and republicans who abutment Donald Trump and tax cuts he gives them but he gives them a adamantine time back it comes to immigration. Hotels depend on low allowance immigrants to assignment for them.  Trumps ban on clearing makes that hard.  hotels  generate billions in revenue. Ahla is republican. the best way to antechamber is not to accost admiral directly.  a way to do that is by ambrosial to alternative alternative Republican agent who represent a republican accompaniment area they accept a agnate botheration such as agronomics and farming. Farmers depend on low allowance melancholia activity immigrants to assignment on their farm.  also ability out to board associates who accept your aforementioned interests and access to bodies in assembly to allure absorption and activate abutment from congress.  Talk about the abridgement apropos tourism how several states depend on tourism. Appeal to alternative bussinesses like farming  5 PAGES  USE AHLA WEBSITE FOR INFO

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