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Assignment 2: Authoritative Anatomy and Ability Change You are active in a ample consulting firm. A new applicant has affianced your firm. It is a well-established, civic aggregation that for years bedeviled the bazaar allotment in its alcove industry. The aggregation has a traditional, hierarchical, and function-based authoritative anatomy with abounding levels of administration and uses centralized accommodation making. The alignment prefers to use a baby cardinal of annual managers based in the abode as the point of acquaintance for all chump inquiries and botheration resolution. The ability is conservative, stable, and accident averse. Teamwork is advised wasteful. The aggregation is acquainted a advancing trend of barter switching to its competitors. These competitors are small, active firms that accent accelerated acceptance of new technologies and fast, empowered, team-based chump service. These companies are bounded to their customers, while your applicant has a axial headquarter appointment with four bounded offices that alone accommodate bound services. Based on its own centralized study, the applicant aggregation wishes to undertake authoritative anatomy change and authoritative ability change. They seek admonition on what specific changes are needed. You accept been assigned to the aggregation alive on this activity with one of your firm's chief consultants. The aggregation has asked you to abstract a presentation for centralized review. Ultimately, the presentation will be delivered to the applicant by the activity manager. Your assignment is to actualize a presentation, with apostle notes, including the following: Analyze and call the affidavit why the accepted authoritative anatomy makes your applicant accessible to its new competitors. Propose a new authoritative structure. Explain how the new anatomy will abode the botheration of applicant retention. Evaluate and acquaint the applicant of the changes bare in its authoritative ability to abutment the new authoritative structure. Explain how teamwork ability be acclimated to abutment the new authoritative anatomy and culture. Be abiding to announce which "types" of teams will be used. Recommendations charge be authentic by applicative bookish sources. Your final artefact should be a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (excluding the appellation accelerate and advertence slide), application a minimum of 4 sources from able literature.  Be abiding you address in a clear, concise, and organized manner; authenticate ethical scholarship in authentic representation and allegation of sources; and affectation authentic spelling, grammar, and punctuation. All accounting assignments and responses should chase APA rules for advertence sources.

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