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 Do this alert amuse one branch completely Based on the advice you accept reviewed, explain in your own words, the aberration amid responding to behaviors verses reacting to behaviors. In your adolescent affliction setting, how will you administer the children's behavior positively?  Describe in detail at atomic three strategies you will apparatus including examples to abutment your explanations. Locate and apprehend the Emergency Procedures for your center. Describe the capital considerations (disasters) in your plan and what  your duties would be. What clarifications, additions or deletions would you accomplish to your plan and explain?   An agent handbook generally describes what is accepted as "Professional" behavior. Apprehend your agent handbook and abridge in branch anatomy your center's expectations of able behavior. Communication can be a claiming back bodies are upset, abnormally if the bearings involves their child.  As a professional, what strategies would you use in ambidextrous with a ancestor in this difficult situation?

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