As a assiduity of the Microsoft Dynamics affair in the antecedent module:   Select one of their four above ERP articles (AX, GP, NAV, SL, or CRM), and address a abundant address about the MS Dynamics ERP you accept called and its associated models.  •Explain the functions associated and how the altered models accommodate with anniversary alternative to actualize this ERP.  •Examine chump reviews, and acquisition an alignment that is currently application that accurate artefact and why it has called this product.  •It would be an added amount if you could reflect on what appearance accept been the best benign for the organization, and what abstruse and operational advantages this accurate artefact is giving them over agnate products.  •You should additionally try to acquisition out how they transitioned to the new arrangement and what affectionate of accomplish were taken afore and afterwards the “go live” process, as it pertains to this module.  Your address should be no-less than three (3) folio application accepted APA formatting. At the end of the report, actualize a abstracted area and address your own absorption of the MS Dynamics artefact you had selected. Your address should accommodate able references.

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