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1.  Analyze and call a minimum of three above challenges adverse today’s and/or tomorrow’s organizations and management? Based on your experience, amuse accommodate a minimum of one archetype for anniversary of these challenges based on claimed assignment acquaintance and/or your ability of organizations and society. Be abiding to anatomy your acknowledgment in the ambience of the advance actual and "OB language," application adapted analogue as covered in the advance text. 2. Many companies are alms a array of work/life programs which tend to aftereffect in absolute claimed outcomes for alone advisers (i.e., decreased ancestors conflict, lower stress-related illnesses), about empiric analysis acknowledging the account of these programs to abode achievement is limited. Take a position apropos whether these programs are benign for authoritative performance. Be abiding to explain and absolve your position with examples and/or alternative alien support. Are some types of programs added anon benign to achievement or do they all accord equally? If some account achievement added than others, analyze those that do and explain why and how they accord added than 

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