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 Task 4 Introduction: Read the absorbed “Shore & More Bicycles Case Study” afore commutual this task. Scenario: You are the new IT aggregation affiliate of Shore & More Bicycles and accept been asked by the arch advice administrator (CIO) to analysis a absolute new IT system. The aggregation is accepted to bifold in admeasurement aural four years. Shore & More Bicycles is a U.S. based import/export aggregation with abounding of its articles advancing from suppliers in Asia. The arrangement you adduce should accommodate technology that can abound with the business (scalable) and abutment its absolute operations, including chump Internet orders, retail abundance operations, supplier orders and communications, and centralized operations. Taking into application accepted and arising technology, you will accommodate a abode to your CIO in which you acclaim and absolve an IT arrangement overhaul. This abode will abode all accordant issues (i.e., hardware, software, arrangement support, animal ability needs) as able-bodied as accommodate able affidavit for anxious stakeholders. 

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