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Question 1     For this discussion, you will charge to abode the issues of Case 14, "Tomasito Is Too Big to Hold Hands" attach below How do ancestors processes access Tomasito's development? How does Tomasito's faculty of connectedness affect his action to learn? How does it affect those about him and the way they abutment his learning? If you were administration the after-effects of algebraic assignment and algebraic assessments with Tomasito and his family, how would you go about accomplishing that to optimize his approaching success in the subject? What are the accessible agency of architecture alternate relationships with this family? Which do you anticipate are the best adapted and why? What abutment can be offered and how can parents be encouraged to be added involved? Respond to apprentice post Candace post   I would say that what determines a person,social chic is their akin of education, their job, and how abundant they accomplish annually. Though some bodies may be aerial on the amusing ladder they may accept to alive beneath their means. If I won the action I would accord some money to altered charities. I wojld5 advice my mom and brother by giving again a nice abode to alive in and a acceptable dependable car. I would apparently again with the advice of my bedmate body a abode with aggregate we charge and get us new cars. I would put money aback for our approaching and for our approaching kids future. I would still assignment because I adulation to assignment and I Definetley wouldn't go any above arcade sprees . I would howeber accomplish abiding that we lived adequate lives with aggregate we needed. For me it would aftereffect me absolutely and,it wouldn't change me as a being , I don't affliction for active aerial on a amusing ladder. Question 3   Very adolescent accouchement are usually awful motivated to apprentice (such as exploring force by bottomward things from the highchair), but this generally declines as they grow. With your readings in mind, anticipate about your own motivational drive. What pushes you the most: acquired or built-in factors? How did your educational environments in the accomplished and today abutment or backbite from this motivation?

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