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NEED IN 9 HOURS   Read Chapter 18 and acknowledgment the afterward questions: 1.  Define food-borne affliction and food-borne affliction outbreak. 2.  Name four (4) groups at the greatest accident of food-borne illnesses. 3.  List the three (3) categories for hazards. 4.  List six (6) altitude that are accessory to the development of a food-borne illness. 5. Define aliment infections and aliment intoxications. 6.  Name several aliment items that should be accessible for emergency use.  Why should you accept an emergency aliment accumulation on hand? 7.  Name nine (9) occasions back duke abrasion is critical. 8. List four (4) adequate methods for thawing food. 9. List two (2) occasions when tables should be bankrupt with a chlorine achromatize solution. 10.  Define microbial and Hazard Analysis Analytical Ascendancy Point (HACCP). 11. Define analytical ascendancy point. 12.  Define pasteurization.  List frequently pasteurized foods. 13.  Define irradiation.  Why is betterment useful?

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