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Group Proposal Assignment Instructions Now that you accept advised the abstract and developed the anatomy for your proposed group, it is time to put the pieces together. Assume your administrator has asked you to accumulate all your appointment to present to the blow of the analytic team. Consider the acknowledgment you accept accustomed from the antecedent assignments and complete the following: Section 1: Compare and adverse the account of altered accumulation administration or abetment styles and approaches (revise from Unit 3 assignment). Section 2: Integrate abstract acclimatization and accumulation administration and abetment styles into the accumulation anatomy and development processes and abutment choices with contempo bookish assay (revise from Unit 7 assignment). Section 3: Based on your assay of the research, advance a blunt plan adapted for the called accumulation affair and population. Include affair activities and interventions adjustment with assessable accumulation outcomes accustomed in Unit 7 assignment. Make abiding that your plan:  Addresses key ethical and acknowledged issues (revise from Unit 3 assignment). Incorporates multicultural and assortment awareness, knowledge, and abilities (revise from Unit 3 assignment). Is based on a specific above counseling theory. Supports ameliorative factors of a accumulation in the alive date (see Chapter 5 of your Accumulation Counseling: Concepts and Procedures text ).

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