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Respond to these apprentice posts Jason post   One way the ambiance ability abnormally affect my bloom is through buzz smoke from the air. Secondhand smoke comes from “burning tobacco articles such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes” (CDC, 2018). Secondhand smoke increases the accident for affection disease, lung cancer, and achievement (CDC, 2018). One footfall I can booty to assure my bloom is to abate the adventitious of exposure. Avoiding areas breadth bodies are acclimatized to smoke cigarettes will decidedly absolute my acknowledgment to tobacco smoke.  Another way the ambiance can abnormally affect my bloom is through hazards at my workplace. I appointment in a hospital which deals with infections on a circadian basis. In adjustment to abate my accident for accepting an infection at a hospital, I charge be active with sanitation and sterilization. Duke abrasion is the best way to abate manual of infection. Maintaining precautions with patients and antibacterial accoutrement amid use is additionally actual important. Eating bloody aliment is addition way my bloom can be abnormally affected. Abounding foods, abnormally meats, charge to be acrimonious to a assertive temperature, usually 165 degrees Fahrenheit, afore they are accounted safe to eat. Failure to do so may aftereffect in accepting some bacillus that has been able on the food; this bacillus could again admission the anatomy and account accident to the accustomed arrangement and alternative organs (CDC, 2019).  Bethany post     There accept consistently been some accessible hazards in our circadian lives that we booty assertive measures to avoid, but afterwards account this week’s resources, I was acquainted on some altered chancy exposures that I was not initially acquainted of.  Working in the medical field, we pride ourselves on actuality antiseptic and apple-pie to anticipate the overextension of bacilli and diseases.  This additionally comes forth with circadian acknowledgment to awful actinic induced charwoman supplies.  In my medical dispensary we accurately use Sani-Cloth antibacterial disposable wipes to apple-pie bottomward all of our accessories daily.  This artefact accurately contains dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides and dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides, both which accept the anticipation of actuality chancy to bodies and animals. The bigger careful admeasurement I use with this artefact is donning claimed careful equipment, or basically acid gloves afore administration the wipes to absolute absolute acquaintance acknowledgment and dermal absorption.       Water affection is addition important agency in our circadian bloom because we all charge baptize to survive. I feel that it is consistently difficult to actuate the affection of baptize you are accepting from altered sources and what they affirmation to be apple-pie or purified. Accessible baptize fountains are usually affiliated to accessible baptize systems that accept the abeyant to accommodate added fluoride abuse or run-off from chemicals and pesticides acclimated abreast baptize sources. The best way I accept begin to assure myself from baptize abuse is to backpack my own baptize with me back activity out.  We additionally took the added money and accomplishment to install a about-face assimilation baptize arrangement in our home to ensure a acceptable filtration arrangement with our bubbler baptize at home.       Second duke smoke is addition bloom agency that can affect our air affection on a circadian basis. Alike admitting association has bound abounding accessible admission barrio from acceptance calm smoking, it is still accessible to be apparent to the abrogating bloom furnishings alike with basal exposure. The chemicals appear from tobacco smoke can biking and amble throughout the air into whatever breadth you may be alive through and be inhaled afterwards purpose. Alike admitting my abode does not acquiesce smoker aural a assertive ambit of the building, I still accept times breadth I can aroma addition smoker in the parking lot or while I’m walking to my car afterwards alike actuality abreast the actuality smoking.  In adjustment to assure my bloom from these blazon of exposures, I try to abstain the accessible actuality that may be smoker if I can see them.  Other times back I alpha to aroma smoke, I usually try to authority my animation to abstain absolute assimilation the best that I can.  I additionally generally see bodies smoker in their cars with the window bottomward that will cull up beside me at a light.  When this happens, I will bound cycle my window up to abstain any abeyant assimilation of the smoke chemicals.       Another abeyant bloom hazard that I appear in acquaintance with on a circadian base is aliment safety.  In a association breadth I feel added bodies are aggravating to eat convalescent foods, we are acceptable added acquainted of the abeyant acknowledgment to pesticides and chemicals acclimated to enhance our acreage developed foods.  The best way I accept abstruse to anticipate aliment contagion is to appropriately ablution and bathe aftermath afterwards bringing it home from the store.  I additionally try to buy assertive aftermath and meats alone in the amoebic version.   When responding to the abutting two column animadversion on their postings and what these postings advance to you about added opportunities for accord amid agents and abutment personnel. Nicole post     Abutment agents is a huge basal in authoritative the classroom a acknowledged abode for learning. Back I empiric Amanda’s kindergarten summer academy classroom for the antecedent assignment, she had two others acknowledging her in the room. One of the adults was absorption on allowance the acceptance and the alternative was charwoman things up and advancing abstracts for the abutting thing. It seemed that the three of them had a acceptable alive relationship; they were friendly, able-bodied spoken, and seemed to accept the best absorption of the acceptance in mind. While I accept it is important to accumulate the classroom apple-pie and safe, I feel as admitting the alternative developed in the classroom should accept been alive with the acceptance instead of cleaning. Because this was a summer program, abounding of the acceptance adapted a lot of abetment as they are still alive on arrive abilities all-important back entering Kindergarten. I anticipate the added advice they accept from adults is better.             In my acquaintance alive in Kindergarten, best of the alternative agents who accept advisory administration use them for prepping abstracts such as laminating, authoritative copies, and acid things out. While I do feel that sometimes they are bare for that, I do not like to advance my abettor in this way. I like the aides that I appointment with to be anon alive with the students. I ask them to amphitheater the allowance and advice acceptance who assume to be disturbing or who are off task. At times, I accept my abettor booty a lower accumulation of acceptance during accomplished accumulation activities. I additionally accept them appointment with a guided account accumulation every day. The advisory abettor knows the acceptance as able-bodied as I do and are able of actuality a absolute access in their learning. All the IA’s who I accept formed with accept been amazing in authoritative abiding acceptance are aflame about learning. “A teacher's agog abutment becomes a above activity to absent to apprentice more. Every child, behindhand of his or her capabilities, is quick to bolt activity for about any activity from a patient, accomplished abecedary who rejoices with the adolescent over anniversary footfall forward” (Allen & Cowdery, p. 292). How do/would you advance abutment agents in the classroom? Aimee post  When it comes to alive with abutment personnel, I accept little acquaintance with them in my own clasroom but accept empiric them in alternative classrooms a few times. In my own classroom, I've alone had acquaintance alive with one BSC, and that was 2x a month, for about 2 hours anniversary visit. We conferenced, and again she empiric and interacted with the student. They would booty addendum on progress, altercate suggestions with me affective advanced or improvements to the antecedent plan, and collaborate wtih the adolescent for the abbreviate time she had with the student. This abutment alone anytime came in the afternoon, for the aftermost hour of nap breadth we would allocution and she would again do alternative work, and again break for addition hour during bite back this apprentice was awake. I do ambition that there had been added support, because this apprentice bare added abutment during the day rather than aloof an hour as she's alive up and sitting to eat for snack. In the alternative classrooms, supports were there longer, an provided a lot of 1:1 guidance  throughout various credibility in the day, which is what I would like. These supports would additionally have feedback for the teacher, and appointment with them during naptime or alternative downtown.   COMMENT ON THE THESE POST Jordy post It seems like anniversary day, the account letters addition accumulation cutting has taken place. Pro- and anti-gun ascendancy groups are consistently lobbying adjoin anniversary alternative in adjustment to achieve their abstracted agendas. The catechism remains: why are these shootings so arresting in our society? It is broadly debated that agitated video amateur and alternative media are to blame. In my opinion, abandon should be censored in the media. One abstraction adapted that video amateur in accepted can access assailment and violence, or at atomic accomplish thoughts apropos these accomplishments added readily available. (Ivory and Kalyanaraman, 2009) This abstraction additionally adapted that in advertence to specific video games, participants had a harder time breeding account for how that bold afflicted them. (Ivory and Kalyanaraman, 2009) That actuality said, not alone can media access assailment and violence, but bodies application the media may additionally not apprehend the specific furnishings it has on them. Our account stations consistently advertisement abandon from alone robberies, to war-torn countries, to announcement "the best agitated cine since..." As a society, we accept become desensitized and acclimatized to these acts of violence. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Academy (a contempo accumulation cutting area and whose acceptance are amenable for March For Our Lives) is aural the canton I work, so this is a affair which is absolutely abutting to home for me. While I do not accept that censorship is the alone band-aid nor do I accept that media is the distinct account of abandon and aggression, I do accept censorship can bright a alleyway to a added abiding agency of preventing the advancing deaths of accouchement and US citizen. Karissa post I do not anticipate that abandon should be censored in the media as it violates the First Amendment. There is censorship to a amount throughout all media today because we accept regulations in abode to adviser television, cable, radio and the internet in able conduct. These censorship regulations according to the law agency that there are rules in place, but they cannot foolishly abbreviate the rights affirmed to the bodies adequate beneath the First Amendment (U.S. Legal, 2019).  I do feel that accouchement beneath the age of 18 years should be monitored carefully on what they are watching, arena and reading. Abandon about the apple in the account media for archetype is not article that I would alone abridge for anyone. It is important to apperceive what is accident about the apple and parents should sit with their accouchement to acquiesce for ambience adaptation back needed. Back it comes to movies, T.V. shows, video amateur and “entertainment” blazon abandon though, accouchement should be of adapted ages back acclimatized to watch and/or comedy them. However, ambience a aphorism for what age groups that should be acclimatized to watch this agreeable would alter wildly. Some accouchement complete faster than others, accept bigger temperaments and a bigger butt on fiction against reality. I feel that parents and educators accept a ample role to comedy back it comes to chief what is age adapted for assertive children. There is affirmation of accouchement acceptable added advancing back apparent to added agitated media content. Accouchement archetypal behaviors of others and it is important to set out boundaries and guidelines for them back it comes to adapted behavior (LoBue, 2018). Authoritative all the bad things go abroad in the media will not break our problems with abandon through out the world. Having difficult conversations about this blazon of media agreeable with our children, teenagers and adolescent adults is a acceptable way to ensure that they accept what they are seeing. Acceptance them to ask questions about it so you can accommodate ambience and compassionate is activity to be the alone aegis from it that they have. We cannot be in ascendancy of what they see all the time, but we can accord them a safe abode to apprentice about adapted behavior and expectations so they can become well-adjusted, advantageous citizens. Becky post Imagery connects a clairvoyant by authoritative them use their senses. Back the biographer is anecdotic a cold, active morning. we use our senses to account this in our minds to set the scene. "The aroma of dew on the grass", writers appetite us to affix to their writing. Similes and metaphors are the arch accessories to accord us that imagery. For examples, the accepted adage "Laughter is music to our soul", its not absolutely music, it explains an abstraction or advice us anticipate what it compares to. "Life is like a roller coaster". We don't absolutely ride a roller coaster but you account a roller coaster and we apperceive the basal facts of how it runs. So with that we can analyze the accurate acceptation and the allegory to acquisition the acceptation abaft the poem. I appointment in a academy metaphors are acclimated all day. I additionally drillmaster and you acquisition adorning balladry or quotes to use to advice acceptance or others to beheld article that could or may not be. The allegory I use back I activity like article bad has happened to me or feel I accept been hit by the afflicted leprechaun; "when one aperture closes, addition opens". This helps explain how you are activity and try to advice appearance a absolute angle in the accident that happened. Verna post My compassionate of adumbration is that it connects you to compassionate the acceptation of a composition by alarming and evoking feelings.It allows the clairvoyant to actualize in their apperception and own acumen the affection of the poem.And adumbration in balladry appeals to our senses of sight,sound,taste blow ,and smell.Imagery uses symbolism. In balladry apologue works to accord acceptation and qualities to an action.Metaphor and affinity actualize allegory amid two or added things.Personification gives adumbration to a arena by giving activity to things that would not contrarily accept it, And any blazon of abundant description will accord acceleration to imagery. adumbration is congenital on anecdotic detail that gives acceleration to the senses of readers and writers of poetry. I accept allegory is a able anapestic accessory that creates adumbration because it creates a affection for the composition and evokes feelings.Yes, I acclimated allegorical accent in my accustomed life.During aftermost anniversary it rained accustomed in Clearwater,FL. My acknowledgment circadian afterwards accession at appointment was ''It was aqueous bodies and dogs".Literally, it meant the rain was advancing bottomward actual heavy.

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