Food & Transgression

Plan to address ~5 paragraphs for essay, or about 600-800 words. Each article requires altercation of 3 examples (if you’re not application advance content-based examples, you’ll bound lose points). Use assorted examples from altered readings. Prove to me you apperceive and accept the agreeable by application acutely specific examples from the readings, and by abetment them up with your own analysis. Be abiding you’re answering the final “why does this matter” questions at the appendage end of the essay!  About a year ago, Tide Pod memes were everywhere on amusing media. How do Tide Pods and alternative “eating challenges” assignment as acts of transgression, breaking amusing norms for a purpose. Looking at bistro challenges and two alternative examples of transgressive bistro from the readings, altercate what amusing norms are burst and what bulletin is conveyed by breaking these customs? How are these acts of artistic aphorism breaking? the account adapter are: attachment #1 attachment #2 attachment #3 attachment #4 attachment #1 Ferguson, Priscilla Parkhurst. 2014. “Inside the Extreme Sport of Competitive Eating.” Contexts 13.3, 2014: 26–31. attachment #2 Barnard, Alex V. 2011. “'Waving the Banana' at Capitalism: Political Theater and Amusing Movement Strategy amid New York's 'Freegan' Dumpster Divers.” Ethnography 12.4: 419–444. attachment #3 Potter, Abby. Trash to Table. Film. Jones, Michael Owen. 2000. “What's Disgusting, Why, and What Does It Matter?” Journal of Folklore Research 37.1: 53–71.

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