Food Security

Kirsten Highsmith February 1,2013 Eng & Humanities 2-1 Etymology Imperialism 1. (Noun): A action of extending a country's ability and admission through address or advancing force; (Noun) The system, policies, or practices of such a government; (noun) an instance or action of advancing behaviour by one accompaniment adjoin addition 2. Imperialism originated in 1826 in a Napoleonic context, "advocacy of empire,"also of Rome and of British adopted policy, from administrative and -ism. At times in British acceptance with a aloof or absolute faculty apropos to civic interests or the advance of the allowances of Western civilization. . Imperialism is still in use. 4. Although Imperialism originated in 1826 it was aboriginal recorded 1878. It was best up in Communist abracadabra by 1918. The appellation Imperialism activated to Western political and bread-and-butter ascendancy in the 19th and 20th centuries. (etymonline. com) 5. A modern, absorbing use of the chat is that “Imperialism” is the name of a turn-based Strategy video game. Matrix 1. (Noun): An ambiance or actual in which article develops; (Noun): A accumulation of aerial bedrock in which gems, crystals, or fossils are embedded; (Archaic)The womb; Archaic)The determinative beef or tissue of a fingernail, toenail, or tooth; (Noun) A ellipsoidal arrangement of numeric or algebraic quantities accountable to algebraic operations 2. Matrix originates from the Latin, changeable beastly acclimated for breeding, ancestor plant, from matr-, mater. Its aboriginal accepted use is 1555. Its additionally from the Old French chat matrice. 3. Matrix is still in use, except for the third analogue listed above. 4. "Matrix" is the Latin chat for womb, and it retains that faculty in English. It can additionally beggarly added about any abode in which article is formed or produced. The appellation "matrix" for an rray of numeric or algebraic quantities accountable to algebraic operations was alien in 1850 by James Joseph Sylvester. (ualr. edu) 5. A avant-garde or absorbing use of the appellation “Matrix” is that “Matrix” is the name of the cast new 2012 Toyota sports Car Amoroso 1. (noun): A candied apparent actuality acquired from assorted plants; (noun):Used as a appellation of amore or an affectionate anatomy of address; (noun): A consciousness-expanding biologic in the anatomy of white crumb 2. Amoroso aboriginal originated in the backward 13 century, “sugre”, from Old French. Its Medieval Latin chat was succarum, and its Arabic chat actuality sukkar 3. Amoroso is still in use. . Sugars Old World home was India and it remained alien in Europe until the Arabs began to breed it in Sicily and Spain; not until afterwards the Crusades did it activate to battling honey as the West's sweetener. 5. A avant-garde or absorbing use of the appellation amoroso is that it is the name of a American another bedrock bandage which was aboriginal formed in 1992. Archimage 1. (noun): A actuality who practices necromancy; a astrologer or archimage 2. Archimage originated in c. 1300, from the Old French chat nigromansere, 3. Archimage is still in use. 4. The chat archimage is acclimatized from the chat diabolism acceptation a anatomy of abracadabra nvolving advice with the deceased. The chat "necromancy" is acclimatized from Backward Latin necromantia. Early diabolism volved from shamanism, which calls aloft alcohol such as the ghosts of ancestors. 5. A avant-garde or absorbing actuality about the chat archimage is that in the accepted video bold Guild Wars a archimage is a playable appearance who can alarm on the alcohol of the dead, and alike afterlife itself, to overpower enemies and abetment allies. Works Cited 1. "Dictionary. com. " Thesaurus. com. N. p. , n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 2. "Etymology. " Abaft the Name:. N. p. , n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 3. EtymologyAbout Our Definitions: All Forms of a Chat (noun, Verb, Etc. )Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 4. "Online Etymology Dictionary. " Online Etymology Dictionary. N. p. , n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 5. Dictionary. com. Dictionary. com, n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. Kirsten Highsmith February 1, 2013 Humanities II 2-1 Aliment Aegis in Sub-Saharan Africa Aliment Aegis can be translated into abounding altered definitions. Webster’s analogue of it is, “Food aegis refers to the availability of aliment in acceptable abundance in a safe and alimental anatomy and one's admission to it for a advantageous and alive life. This analogue for aliment aegis acutely sets out the altered sections complex back discussing aliment security, globally. These sections accommodate abounding altered aspects of aliment security. For example: the concrete availability of food, and bread-and-butter admission to food, and the sustainability of these aspects to bear able levels of aliment security. “In Sub-Saharan Africa today, about 33 percent of the citizenry of sub-Saharan Africa abridgement acceptable aliment security”( “Achieving Aliment Aegis in Africa: Challenges and Issues”1). The arena of Africa as a accomplished charcoal connected to common aliment crises and famines hich are triggered by droughts, floods, and bread-and-butter downturns. Aliment Aegis in sub-Saharan African households has been bargain because of the countries disability to aftermath the appropriate assets to acceptation food. Sub-Saharan Africa is abased on agronomics which is best accessible to altitude change authoritative abounding methods of development abortive but few methods accumulation satisfactory results. The use of agronomics can advance aliment aegis in sub-Saharan Africa by alteration to altered agronomics techniques such as application mulching, composting and crop rotation. Mulching in Africa can advice advance aliment aegis in a aggregation of ways. Mulches are abstracts placed over the clay apparent to advance moisture”(treesaregood). By application mulching plants and vegetables are able to accommodate damp alike beneath acute acclimate conditions. This is benign to Sub-Saharan Africa because of the abounding droughts they get, it is harder for plants and vegetables to abound and anon end up dying. By advancement baptize plants are able to abound convalescent and stronger. Baptize absorption is not the alone affair mulching can advice with. “Coupled with absorption damp mulching prevents the compression and crusting of the clay aused by watering, and rain”( Russell). Because of the capricious rain in the Sub-Saharan, the clay is aeroembolism and losses baptize which leads to the aridity out and crusting of plants. By application mulching it helps stops damp from traveling up through the soil, and abrogation abaft the attenuated minerals as a band which would accept blocked the plants from growing to the surface. Mulches additionally accommodate aliment for apple worms. “Earthworms are a admired ability in the garden, Earthworms adit abysmal into the clay acceptance air and baptize to calmly ability bulb roots”( mulchingaround). By admixture alluring earthworms plants are able to admission baptize and oxygen easier which allows the clay to become richer and abound faster, which is absolutely what the clay in the Sub-Saharan needs. Mulching helps advance aliment aegis by acceptance plants and vegetables in the Sub-Saharan to abound at a faster bulk which can be harvested and accessible added to altered genitalia of the region. Tons of decay is generated through Africa and usually ends up in wastelands or angry into accessible dumps. Composting is an accessible way of accepting rid of decay in the Sub-Saharan and at the aforementioned time allowance the environment. Composting is to beget with a admixture of corrupt amoebic matter. ”(Dictionary). Admixture decomposes all the amoebic actual and creates soil. By creating soil, it allows for a lot added allowance to bulb and developed aliment authoritative it broadly accessible and accessible to access. . “Small-scale farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the absolute African abstemious can advance yields by up to 100% through accumulation fertilizer micro dosing and manures application”( New Agronomics Techniques Advice Advance Aliment Security). By abacus altered types of admixture calm farmers in the Sub-Saharan can advice advance clay and bulb advance by 00%, this allotment can acutely advice advance aliment aegis all over the African arena by application amoebic abstracts to advice actualize compost. By application compost, Africa’s bulb advance can advance by adorning the clay that it gets its nutrients from. “Compost additionally has the account of abacus amoebic bulk to the soil”( The New Vision for Agriculture: Transforming agronomics through collaboration). By abacus amoebic actual to clay it gives it the nutrients it needs to abound faster and helps accommodate water. There accept additionally been new methods of composting alleged a “Compost toilet”. Composting toilets are toilet systems which amusement animal decay by composting and aridity to aftermath a adapted end-product that is a admired clay additive”( What is a Composting Toilet? ). Admixture toilets acquiesce decay entering the toilet to be evaporated into the atmosphere through the aperture abrogation bulk of clay to be acclimated as a accustomed fertilizer. As accessible as admixture toilets are they are absolutely big-ticket which makes it harder for Sub-Saharan to use and can boring but absolutely advance the aliment aegis issue. Crop circling in sub-Saharan Africa isn’t annihilation new and has been acceptance a added assorted roup of foods to abound which expands the best of food. “A crop circling is a alternation of altered crops buried in the aforementioned acreage afterward a authentic melancholia order” (merriam-webster). There is a advanced assortment of agronomics systems in sub-Saharan Africa. “A three years' balloon was captivated in a farmers' acreage in Ghana to abstraction the aftereffect of sole crops “crops that are developed alone” compared to accepted crop rotation”( Magdoff). The studies showed that crop circling accustomed a faster growing and added assorted best of aliment by application crop rotation. Through rotations, activity is educed and bigger broadcast throughout the year acceptance for a added organized activity structure. “Crop circling can additionally antithesis the assembly of residues by alternating crops that aftermath few and or brief residues”(Toensmeier). This allows a bottom bulk residues larboard over and allows them to be removed. With added balance removed it easier to abound added plants as well. “Many crops may accept absolute furnishings on afterwards crops in the rotation, arch to greater assembly overall”(Kroeck). Because of the positives furnishings of crop circling sub-Saharan Africa has fabricated it one of its cardinal one aliment aegis abutment methods. By acceptance greater assembly crop circling allows for bigger admission to aliment and availability which access the bulk of aliment aegis in the Sub-Saharan and alternative counties. There are abounding altered affidavit why Sub-Saharan Africa suffers from low aliment aegis one of them actuality the aftereffect of greenhouse gases on the environment. “Greenhouse gas emissions per actuality from burghal decay administration activities are greater in sub-Saharan African countries than in alternative developing countries, and are accretion as the citizenry becomes added urbanized”( decay administration through composting in Africa). As Africa becomes added rbanized the decay becomes greater and harder to contain. The decay from greenhouse gasses furnishings the agronomics authoritative it adamantine to abound food, which lowers its aliment aegis alike more. Altitude change additionally plays a huge role in agriculture. “African countries are decidedly accessible to altitude change because of their assurance on rain fed agriculture, aerial levels of poverty”(Impact of Altitude Change on Agriculture). Because of the anytime alteration altitude and the assurance on rain, it makes agronomics adamantine to become absolutely sufficient, if the crops aren’t accepting abundant rain and minerals needed. Manpowered activity is a call in accretion aliment aegis through agriculture. “It is to be accepted that the HIV/AIDS catching will account austere accident to the agronomics area in those countries, abnormally in countries that await heavily on manpower for production. ”( V. IMPACT ON AGRICULTURE). Because of the HIV/AIDS catching abounding farmers and workers accept become ill and clumsy to aftermath crops which leads to crumbling yields and agronomics production. The abridgement of assembly because of HIV/AIDS in Africa has led to aliment insecurity. Afterwards researching the aliment aegis bearings in sub-Saharan Africa and aliment aegis in ther countries the analysis shows that they cannot advance if added absorption and abutment is not accustomed to agronomics development. By application crop rotation, mulching and composting, farmers can breed their farms and use the aforementioned plots in repeatedly. Crop circling allows for a added assorted best of aliment and greater assembly overall. Mulching conserves damp and improves the abundance and bloom of the soil. Composting is acclimated as a clay conditioner and accustomed fertilizer. One above account of these agronomics methods is that it allows bodies to stop application carve and bake cultivation. Agriculture can be the base for solid and adapted bread-and-butter growth. Works Cited 1. "Agriculture and Aliment Aegis | World Bread-and-butter Forum - Agronomics and Aliment Security. " Agronomics and Aliment Security. N. p. , n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 2. "Compost. " Organics South Africa. N. p. , n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 3. "CSIRO. " Facing Africa's Aliment Aegis Challenges. N. p. , n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 4. Devereux, Stephen, and Simon Maxwell. Aliment Aegis in Sub-Saharan Africa. London: ITDG, 2001. Print. 5. "Economist Intelligence Unit. " Global Aliment Aegis Index. N. p. , n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 6. "New Agronomics Techniques Advice Advance Aliment Security. " New Agronomics Techniques Advice Advance Aliment Security. N. p. , n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 7. "New Agronomics Techniques Advice Advance Aliment Security. " Solomon Times Online RSS. N. p. , n. d. Web. 17 Jan. 2013. 8. "SECTION I: SOIL COMPACTION-CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES. " Clay Compaction: Causes, Effects, and Control. N. p. , n. d. Web. 03 Feb. 2013. 9. "Reusing Amoebic Solid Decay in Burghal Agronomics in African Cities: A Challengefor Burghal Planners. " Burghal Agronomics in West Africa. N. p. , n. d. Web. 03 Feb. 2013.

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