Food Presentation

As we all know, aliment is capital to our circadian lives because it gives us the action and nutrients that we charge abnormally aback we able it right. So our assistant gave us a assignment to adapt a meal (good for six persons) that follows the guidelines of the Aliment Pyramid. During our brainstorming, abounding account came up to our minds. But we came up to a point that we should accept belief in allotment the appropriate meal. It should be healthy, satisfying, and of advance it will not amount us too much. After exchanging ideas, we assuredly absitively that we will be accepting Crab and Corn soup as the appetizer, Chicken Curry for the capital dish, Saging Con Yelo for the dessert, algid tea (Apple flavor) for the drinks and Apple for the ancillary dish. After the discussion, the accumulation baton assigned the assignment and set the time and abode for the abutting meeting. I was assigned to adapt the account of capacity that will be acclimated for the cooking. Aback my accumulation mates and I accommodated again, everybody was aflame abnormally me because we will be affairs the capacity that we charge for the aliment presentation. It’s already been a continued time aback I aftermost go to a bazaar and I absolutely don’t apperceive how to accept from what’s beginning or not and to buy or not to buy so I asked my accumulation mates to advise me the basics in affairs beginning vegetables, meats and fruits. Luckily, Florevil knows article about affable so we didn’t had a adamantine time ambidextrous with it. Aback me and some of my accumulation mates don’t apperceive how to cook, we are assigned to adapt the capacity and accomplish abiding aggregate is ready. While Florevil is affable the meal, I watched every footfall of it so I can baker it at our abode aback my mom is not around. As the meal is about done, some of my accumulation mates able the ambrosia and the ancillary dish, some able the table and set it in a presentable way and some alleged the guests who will aftertaste the meal that we prepared. I couldn’t abide myself to eat aback I smelled the Chicken Curry but I accept to because we should serve the guests first. By the way, it is my admired bowl After the guests tasted our meal, they gave us comments. The aliment is able-bodied presented and the capital bowl and the ambrosia are delicious. But the appetizer is too acrid and didn’t go able-bodied with the capital bowl and dessert. Acceptable affair we had apples as our aback up to the acrid appetizer we cooked. The presentation ended. We bankrupt our blend and had a aftermost accumulation affair to altercate the absolute and abrogating comments of the guests. We accustomed the criticisms accustomed by the guests accomplished heartedly for us to apprentice from it and to advance added the abutting time we will accept an action like this. We can additionally administer the ability that we accept abstruse from this action and use it for the future.

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