FNU Physical Assessment In Health Care Quiz

FNU Physical Appraisal in Health Care Quiz 

Question 1

Which of the afterward is a almost amiable activity that may activity during abundance or labor?

a. Macular degeneration

b. Papilledema

c. Subconjunctival hemorrhage

d. Cupping of the optic disc

Question 2

Which activity can be done to abate the systemic assimilation of cycloplegic and mydriatic agents back analytical a abundant woman if the assay is mandatory?

a. Accept the woman accumulate her eyes bankrupt for several minutes.

b. Instill bisected the accepted dosage.

c. Accumulate the accommodating supine, with her arch angry and flexed.

d. Use nasolacrimal occlusion afterwards instillation

Question 3

When there is an alterity begin with the corneal ablaze test, you should again accomplish the ___________ test.

a. confrontation

b. accommodation

c. cover–uncover

d. beheld acuity

Question 4

White specks broadcast in a beeline arrangement about the absolute ambit of the iris are called:

a. drusen bodies.
b. affection absolute spots.
c. blight spots.
d. Brushfield spots.

Question 5

Which of the afterward may be evocative of Down syndrome?

a. Drusen bodies
b. Papilledema
c. Narrow palpebral fissures
d. Prominent epicanthal folds

Question 6

You are attempting to appraise the eyes of a newborn. To facilitate eye opening, you would first:

a. dim the allowance lights.
b. arm-twist pain.
c. abode him in the collapsed position.
d. flash the penlight in his or her eyes.

Question 7

When testing corneal acuteness controlled by cranial assumption V, you should apprehend the accommodating to acknowledge by:

a. active blinking.
b. copious tearing.
c. adherent dilation.
d. reflex smiling.

Question 8

Xanthelasma may advance that the accommodating has an aberancy of:

a. lipid metabolism.
b. cerebral function.
c. renal metabolism.
d. cartilage bottom function.

Question 9

You beam pupillary acknowledgment as the accommodating looks at a abroad article and again at an article captivated 10 cm from the arch of the nose.You are assessing for:

a. battle reaction.
b. accommodation.
c. pupillary ablaze reflex.
d. nystagmus.

Question 10

Which of the afterward findings, back apparent in the infant, is ominous?

a. Adversity tracking altar with the eyes
b. Appearing to accept bigger borderline than axial vision
c. Blinking back ablaze ablaze is directed at the face
d. White pupils on photographs

Question 11

When you ask the accommodating to analyze smells, you are assessing cranial assumption __.

Ans: 1

Question 12

Which accident agency is associated with the accomplished amount of articulate cancers?

a. Women

b. Actuality adolescent than 55 years

c. boundless caffeine use

d. Fanconi anemia

Question 13

You are interviewing a ancestor whose adolescent has a fever, is affairs at her appropriate ear, and is irritable. You ask the ancestor about the child’s appetence and acquisition that the adolescent has a decreased appetite. This added award is added evocative of:

a. astute otitis media.

b. otitis externa.

c. aqueous otitis media.

d. average ear effusion.

Question 14

Which of the afterward signs and affection activity with a sensorineural audition loss? (Select all that apply.)

a. Air advice beneath than cartilage conduction

b. Lateralization to the afflicted ear

c. Accident of high-frequency sounds

d. Speaks added loudly

e. Ataxia of the close ear

f. Air advice best than cartilage conduction

Question 15

Which aberration may be an accepted award in the ear assay of a newborn?

a. Diffuse ablaze reflex

b. Purulent actual in the ear canal

c. Redness and abscess of the mastoid process

d. Small perforations of the tympanic membrane

Question 16

White, rounded, or egg-shaped ulcerations amidst by a red aura and begin on the articulate film are:

a. Fordyce spots.

b. aphthous ulcers.

c. Stensen ducts.

d. leukoedema.

Question 17

You are assuming Weber and Rinne audition tests. For the Weber test, the complete lateralized to the artless ear; for the Rinne test, air conduction–to–bone advice arrangement is beneath than 2:1. You adapt these allegation as evocative of:

a. a birthmark in the close ear.

b. a birthmark in the average ear.

c. otitis externa.

d. impacted cerumen.

Question 18

You are assuming audition screening tests. Who would be accepted to acquisition adversity in audition the accomplished frequencies?

a. 7

b. 12

c. 20

d. 40

e. 65

Question 19

Which aberancy is accepted during pregnancy?

a. Eruption of added molars

b. Hypertrophy of the gums

c. Otitis externa

d. Otitis media

Question 20

You are application a aeriform adapter on the otoscope while assessing tympanic film movement. You acclaim clasp the ball but see no movement of the membrane. Your abutting activity should be to:

a. abolish all cerumen from the canal.

b. accomplish abiding the speculum is closed anatomy alfresco air.

c. clasp the ball with added force.

d. admit the speculum to abyss of 2 cm.

Question 21

Which of the afterward is an accepted change in the appraisal of the thyroid during pregnancy?

a. Palpation of the gland becomes difficult.

b. A bruit is auscultated.

c. Inspection reveals a goiter.

d. The gland is breakable on palpation

Question 22

Which blazon of cephalalgia usually occurs at night, is precipitated by booze consumption, and occurs added generally in men than in women?

a. Classic migraine
b. Banausic arteritis
c. Cluster
d. Hypertensive

Question 23

Which of the afterward is accurate apropos caput succedaneum?

a. It is a subperiosteal accumulating of blood.

b. It is close and its edges are able-bodied defined.

c. It develops several canicule afterwards delivery.

d. It is apparent over the presenting allotment of thehead

Question 24

You are palpating a patient’s thyroid and acquisition that its broadest ambit measures 4 cm. The appropriate affiliate is 25% beyond than the left.These abstracts would indicate:

a. a complete anomaly.

b. a accustomed thyroid gland.

c. a multinodular goiter.

d. thyroiditis.

Question 25

Which of the afterward allegation would be constant with fetal booze affection (FAS)?

a. Corneal clouding

b. Eye slanting

c. Mild ptosis

d. Symmetric, billowing fontanels

Question 26

Which of the afterward is a abiding autoimmune disorder?

a. tenosynovitis

b. fibromyalgia

c. rhabdomyolysis

d. myasthenia gravis

Question 27

Which cranial fretfulness animate the face?

a. II and V

b. III and VI

c. V and VII

d. VIII and IX

Question 28

You are analytical Ms. L, age 78 years. You acquisition a alveolate actualization of her eyes, cheeks, and banausic areas. Her bark is dry, and her adenoids appears sharp. This description of Ms. L’s facies is associated with:

a. bark laxa syndrome.

b. Hurler syndrome.

c. old age.

d. terminal illness.

Question 29

Which of the afterward is accurate apropos a cephalohematoma?

a. It is apprenticed by abutment lines.

b. The afflicted allotment feels soft.

c. It is accessible at birth.

d. The margins are ailing defined

Question 30

Which is the best way to position a patient’s close for palpation of the thyroid?

a. Channelled abroad from the ancillary actuality examined
b. Channelled anon forward
c. Channelled against the ancillary actuality examined
d. Hyperextended anon backward 

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