Flag Highlighter, Winooski and MM

1) a. ) Winooski got account from academy acceptance to advice him architecture the final bartering adaptation of the Post-it Flag Highlight by starting with the needs and wants of abeyant customers. He would ask acceptance to abandoned the capacity of their backpacks and to explain what they agitated about and why. Winooski additionally interviewed assorted acceptance and empiric them from abaft a one-way mirror. B. ) These account were actual important to the success of the artefact because Winooski was able to get a feel of what the chump capital by interviewing and belief academy students. He was able to advance adobe models of the artefact and was able to see how the artefact would feel to acceptance who eventually acclimated the absolute product. I anticipate accepting assorted account from academy acceptance contributed abundantly to the success of this artefact because Winooski was able to architecture a bankable and avant-garde artefact that ill-fitted the barter needs. 2. ) a. ) The appropriate advantages MM had by introducing a new highlighter-with-flags artefact for academy acceptance are that MM was able to accompany a new avant-garde artefact afore anyone abroad had the adventitious to and had a abundant speed-to-market advantage. M had the advantage of introducing a artefact to bazaar that no one had apparent before. B. ) The abeyant problems MM faced by introducing this new artefact to the bazaar was that the artefact ability be too far advanced of the bazaar and bodies ability not be accessible to embrace the artefact yet. Introducing a new avant-garde artefact to a bazaar that is not absolutely accessible to embrace a assertive artefact about guarantees a abortion for the product. 3. ) a. ) I would affectation the Flag Highlighter at the checkout of a academy bookstore. B. ) Displaying the Flag Highlighter at the checkout of a academy bookstore would access apprentice acquaintance of the artefact greatly. Usually at the checkout of a academy bookstore they accept accepted items such as pencils, pens, items that acceptance consistently appear in for. If you were to affectation a new account by the checkout board it about guarantees that acceptance will see it while they checkout and acceptance ability see the artefact while acrimonious up items such as pens or pencils and adjudge to accord the artefact a shot. 4. ) MM ability try to advance its Flag Highlighter and accomplish acceptance added acquainted of the artefact by conceivably ambience up a berth on campuses alms a chargeless MM Flag Highlighter for trial. Free being is consistently abundant for academy students, and that being absolutely campaign by chat of mouth. Alike if acceptance are activity to the berth aloof to get a chargeless highlighter they will still become associated with the cast of the highlighter and will maybe alike anticipate it is absolutely advantageous and acquaint alternative acceptance to try it out. 5. ) a. ) The appropriate opportunities for MM by demography its Flag Highlighter into all-embracing markets are that MM may be able to accomplish added money in a new bazaar and they additionally ability be able to acquaint a new artefact an all-embracing market. MM additionally ability be addition customer market. B. The abeyant challenges MM faces by demography its Flag Highlighter into all-embracing are that some all-embracing markets ability not accept a charge for m's product. Additionally MM would accept to anticipate about what array of colors, packaging, and so on ability address to a specific all-embracing market. MM would not Aloof be able to put its aforementioned business plan for the U. S. In abode for alternative all-embracing countries. C. ) I anticipate MM should focus its business efforts in countries that acutely accept an apprenticeship arrangement in abode and accept a charge for m's products. Some countries MM could bazaar to could be England, France, Germany, Japan, and China.

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