Fixing a qualitative study

   We interviewed with some agents about classroom management. I uploaded the interviews. This is a qualitative abstraction but it’s not in the best quality. We charge to change some genitalia and add added information.  -First, the references are insufficient. We charge to change the references and they should accept 3 or added references.  -The appellation should be change. After you analysis the account questions and answers, you can appear up with bigger title. -The addition and abstract analysis should be added accompanying to the affair of the abstraction and we charge to allocution about what this abstraction is about in these sections. So, We charge to be added bright for those sections.  -After abstract analysis part, we charge to add analysis catechism or hypothesis. You can analysis the account questions and acquisition analysis catechism or hypothesis -We should add added advice in the after-effects and allegation part.  -we should accomplish suggestions to approaching analysis based on our findings. -We charge to add affiliation to abstract in altercation section.  -So, this abstraction is missing so abounding things. We charge to advance it.

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