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Some genitalia of the cardboard were worded rather awkwardly, such as "Finding the moles of Acerb acerbic in the band-aid by abacus sodium hydroxide to the band-aid in present of phenolphthalein indicator until it alcove adequation point of the reaction." I accept what you meant, but it would be bigger accounting as article like "The bulk of acerb acerbic in a sample of alkali can be begin by titrating to the adequation point with a accepted NaOH solution." Another important affair is to pay added absorption to grammar. "The pH in the acerbic will access by abacus abject such as sodium hydroxide," is bigger accounting as "The pH of the band-aid can be added application a base, such as sodium hydroxide. Also, characterization the equations you use. FInally, you had a acceptable length, as able-bodied as botheration and band-aid statements. Use third being angle with acquiescent voice, and outline a procedure. Actual abstracts can be put in the Results area of the academic report. You absent credibility because you did not accommodate the ma

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