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  1. Conduct an Internet chase to acquisition and apprehend at atomic 3 contempo accessories that chronicle to the key appellation you selected. Accessories may be begin in the All-embracing area of any acclaimed website that focuses on all-embracing business, such as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, or the Economist. Another acceptable antecedent of advice is EBSCOhost, attainable through Liberty’s online library. Websites like,, Wikipedia etc. do not aggregate bookish bookish accessories and references. 2. Of the 3 accessories you’ve read, baddest the commodity that you ambition to discuss, and address a analysis of it. In addition, you charge column all 3 (or more) contempo accessories to the advertence section—even admitting you analysis alone one of them. You may accommodate added references, but references do not alter 3 accessories that chronicle to your key term. Actually advertence the commodity you analysis aural the commodity review. Your analysis charge accommodate the afterward sections (each area charge be structured by a branch for anniversary section):  A analogue       of the key term: this does not calculation in the 200 chat minimum       requirement. A summary,       in your own words, of the called article. A discussion,       in your own words, of how the commodity relates to the called affiliate and       key term. The complete citation, in APA format, of anniversary of the 3 accessories apprehend and       any alternative added references; these do not calculation in the 200-word       requirement.  All       references charge be annotated. 

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