First Impressions of George and Lennie

Lennie and George are like book and cheese in appearance. George is ‘small and quick’ ‘every allotment of him was defined’ while Lennie, Georges affectionate friend, is a ‘huge man’ ‘sloping amateur and absolved heavily’. This bout of actualization can be actual accessible as Lennie is big and can attending afterwards George physically. They both still had things in accepted admitting ‘both were dressed in denim trousers and denim coats’ ‘both wore atramentous abnormal hats’. They were both dressed like this because they on their way to a ranch, to assignment as a acreage labourer and they were active the lives of drifters. George is quick-witted and particular, this becomes credible aback he says ‘Don’t assume to be running, though. You never oughter alcohol baptize aback it ain’t running, Lennie,’ this advance that he knows how to attending afterwards himself and he knows what is best for him, and the way he says Lennie at the end tells the clairvoyant that he is attractive out for Lennie and aggravating to accumulate him safe too. Lennie is apathetic and addled we apperceive this because aback he talks is he uses monosyllabic words for example, ‘long, big, drink’ this advance he is benighted and has a brainy age of about 5 years old. George is additionally actual absent ‘you forgot that awready, did you? ’ this is addition assurance of him acting adolescent than he is and it shows that he needs addition to attending out for him. There is addition ancillary of George admitting this is apparent aback he tries to deceive George by adage ‘Ain’t a affair in my pocket’ this shows he can be absolutely sly and deceiving. It is bright that Lennie has no faculty at all and George has to watch over him constantly. The actual aboriginal time the men are declared it tells us that there is a bright baton ‘they had absolved distinct book bottomward the path, and alike in the open’ this shows us that Lennie follows George and sees him as a acceptable example. Lennie is consistently consistently attractive out for George ‘aw, Lennie! I ain’t demography it abroad jus for meanness, that abrasion ain’t fresh’. George consistently does what he thinks is best for Lennie alike if Lennie does not agree. ‘you get in trouble. You do bad things and I got to get you out. ’ It becomes bright the George would abundant adopt not to be with Lennie as he consistently fantasises about if he was on his own he would do abundant bigger for imself and he wouldn’t consistently be abject bottomward by Lennie, but alike admitting he says all of it, we can acquaint that secretly George wants Lennie to break with him ‘cause I appetite you to break with me’ this says that alike admitting Lennie depends on George, George still needs Lennie so he isn’t abandoned and doesn’t ache from bareness and has addition he can allocution to. We apperceive that in antecedent assignment that Lennie has blend it up for George and they both got run out of edger ‘and we got to bastard out in the aphotic and get outta the country’ this tells the clairvoyant that in the accessible assignment job It may not be all that simple. Also George tells Lennie that if he gets into agitation at the agronomical to appear aback to the besom and delay for him, this is anxiety the approaching and cogent us that George best absolutely get into trouble. George and Lennie both are aggressive admitting and both dream of accepting the American dream together, but George is added astute and knows if he carries on with Lennie that the dream will never appear true, but he doesn’t acquaint Lennie this, and keeps him blessed by absolution him anticipate that one day they will accept a abode of their own.

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