Firms in Our Macroeconomy

In our affair this bore anniversary we've been discussing the differences amid micro and macroeconomics. Hopefully, you've abstruse a lot from our abysmal dive into the Circular Flow Model. Let's put what we're acquirements to the test! In this assignment, adapt a abbreviate article that distinguishes the role of firms in our macroeconomy. In your essay, analyze the following:Choose a real-life archetype of an oligopolistic bazaar anatomy in the U.S.Identify how your close has been impacted by our macroeconomy.Determine if your close was abased on the federal government for a bailout and/or restructuring.Describe the factors your called close has taken to abstain bazaar abortion at a macro-level.Examine how your called close affects our macroeconomy with attention to bread-and-butter output.Your article charge be accurate by a minimum of three sources, be in accepted APA format, and be at atomic 500 words in length. Here are the appropriate pages:Title pageIntroductionBody of the paperConclusionReference pageSave your appointment application a allotment assemblage that includes your aboriginal and aftermost name and the action cardinal (or description). Do not add punctuation or appropriate characters.

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