Fire Protection Technology

The arbiter suggests that there is some altercation over the amount of standpipe and corrupt systems as it may accord apocryphal aegis to architecture occupants. Some accept accepting a standpipe corrupt may actualize the consequence that occupants should action blaze alike admitting a safer advance would be to escape. What are your thoughts? Do you accept occupants should action fire? Do you accept they should escape? Why, or why not? Please accommodate the name of the being or catechism to which you are acknowledging in the accountable line. For example, "Tom's acknowledgment to Susan's comment." ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOW  Frank: The aboriginal absolute big catechism that I accept about the book is "are the bodies that are attempting to action the blaze accomplished such as a blaze brigade??"  Most blaze army associates apperceive aback abundant is abundant and they will additionally evacuate.  My acknowledgment is absolutely simple.  The acknowledgment is NO, they should evacuate.  If they are allotment of a blaze army and they are accomplished by their aggregation for assertive responsibilities, again they could attack to apathetic bottomward the blaze some.  Overall, as an officer, I do not appetite civilians larboard abaft aggravating to action fire.That makes added of a botheration than a solution. I'm added than absolute there are no SCBA's present or structural PPE, so if the blaze is absolutely "cooking" all they would be overcame bound and become a victim that we would accept to appear find.  As an officer, that would accomplish me accept to put myself and my agents at a college akin of acknowledgment as able-bodied a college akin of accident to accept to go in to acquisition them.  Our job will consistently accept inherent risks, but it makes things alot less demanding to annihilate the stressors that we can.  For those that are not "fire oriented" in the class, there is a big aberration to responding to a blaze aback the architecture is abandoned against with accepted entrapped civilians.  It puts a accomplished college akin of accent on anybody that is responding.  The primary goal is again to acquisition the victim and blaze angry comes second.  If there is no one in the fire, all absorption is placed anon on blaze angry and we still attending for bodies as we extinguish the fire.  So aback to the aboriginal question, civilians should abandon or chase their company's emergency affairs in time of fire, not try to action it.   

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