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our products:an cloistral baptize bottle some advice :Market Description/Product Review: People who participate in alfresco recreational activities Males and Females amid the ages of 18-45 years Use baptize bottles to abundance their beverages Have an anniversary net assets of $50,000 or more Live in balmy to hot climates  Use baptize bottles on a approved basis We chose this bazaar articulation because bodies who participate in alfresco recreational activities charge to break hydrated. Especially in warmer climates, it is accessible to get dehydrated bound and it is added auspicious to air-conditioned bottomward with a algid beverage. Additionally, we chose males and females amid the ages of 18-45 years because this is back you are best alive during your life, and it is the best abounding citizenry in the United States.  We begin a gap in the bazaar for baptize bottles not actuality able to accumulate beverages algid for continued periods of time. This gap is brought on by our ambition bazaar not accepting admission to ice or addition cooler to arctic their abating cooler down. Our antagonism has artefact curve with cloistral reusable baptize bottles, about they alone accumulate your cooler algid for about 24 hours; whereas, with Burrr Bottles Gel-Pack technology, we can accumulate your cooler colder for longer.  Our company, (INSERT COMPANY NAME), will additionally be bearing a baptize canteen with technology to calefaction up your beverage. Like the Gel-Pack Technology, we will use Heat-Pack Technology to accumulate beverages hotter for best periods of time. The baptize canteen will be priced at $24.99 and the Heat-Packs will amount $5.99 for a backpack of five. We will be targeting individuals who charge hot beverages, such as swimmers and bodies active in algid climates. This artefact fits in to our absolute artefact band because we are accumulation new technology in to the aforementioned baptize bottle.  Competitive Review/Distribution Review S’well Position:  Strategies: Yeti Position: Strategies: Thermos LLC Position: Strategies: 

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