Find Top Trends in Your Profession (industry is Cybersecurity)

   Project: Acquisition Top Trends in Your Profession (industry is Cybersecurity) Step 1: Conduct Analysis to Assay Top Trends (Cyber Security) Step 2: Choose an Affair to Analysis Further Step 3: Autograph your Analysis Paper In the antecedent two steps, you performed searches, aboriginal to assay industry trends, and again for advice about an affair in one of those trends that you accede to be important to your industry. Now, you should be accessible to abstruse your paper. This would be a acceptable time to analysis alignment in autograph and paragraphs. You ability additionally analysis the Effective Autograph Center's Online Adviser to Writing, a admired advertence to acceptance who seek to advance their writing. Review your tasks. You are to accommodate a analysis cardboard that provides a arbitrary of the three top trends in your industry (with associated NAICS codes). Accommodate acceptable accomplishments for your clairvoyant that the trend is bright and accurate by assets you accept found. Analysis assets in References and Citations to ensure that you are application "in text" citations to accord acclaim for the account of alternative authors and to body your believability as a researcher, neither blank sources nor commendation excessively. You will advance a cardboard that accomplishes two objectives: It will      identify the three top trends in your industry and your account for your      choices based on the assets you found; It will      discuss an affair aural one of the trends that you account important, based      on the accepted accompaniment of the industry, and will be accurate by your      analysis of facts and a alive cessation of what it agency to the      industry. Start with an outline and beef out the capital capacity with acknowledging statements. This will become your alley map to an organized paper. Draft, beddy-bye on it, and edit. Repeat. Your cardboard will be 5-7 pages, not including your awning folio and References page(s), double-spaced, and set up in APA standards. It does not crave an abstract. Your citations, both "in text" and in References, will be in accordance with the APA Appearance Manual Sixth Edition. You may additionally acquisition this sample APA cardboard helpful. Your headings will chase this accepted pattern: Paper      Title (First akin position, not bold) Findings (First      level heading, centered, bold) Top Trends of the _____ Industry (Second akin heading, bold, even left) An important arising affair in a trend (and what it agency in ambience to the industry) (Second akin heading, bold, even left) Conclusions (First      level heading, centered, bold) References      (New page, aboriginal akin position, not bold) a.  cover area in acceptable APA format; b. "template" for your cardboard that includes the headings; your aperture branch that will acquaint the industry, the top trends, the affair that you accept chosen, and the catechism that you affectation to answer; and, your abstruse References page. Use the APA appearance adviser or APA examples to abstruse your complete citations. Before you abide your assignment, analysis the competencies below, which your adviser will use to appraise your work. A acceptable convenance would be to use anniversary adequacy as a self-check to affirm you accept congenital all of them in your work. 1.1:      Organize certificate or presentation acutely in a address that promotes      understanding and meets the requirements of the assignment. 1.2:      Develop articular paragraphs or credibility so that anniversary is internally unified      and so that anniversary functions as allotment of the accomplished certificate or presentation. 1.3:      Provide sufficient, accurately cited abutment that substantiates the      writer’s ideas. 1.4:      Tailor communications to the audience. 1.5: Use      sentence anatomy adapted to the task, bulletin and audience. 2.1:      Identify and acutely explain the issue, question, or botheration beneath      critical consideration. 2.2:      Locate and admission acceptable advice to investigate the affair or      problem. 2.3:      Evaluate the advice in a analytic and organized address to actuate      its amount and appliance to the problem. 2.4:      Consider and assay advice in ambience to the affair or problem.

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