Find Examples of RFP’s

ONLY BID IF YOU CAN FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!  MUST USE CourseProject_RFP_TEMPLATE ATTACHED ONLY  DUE 11/18/2019 NOVEMBER 18, 2019 9AM EST !! 4-6 pages needed: See absorbed chat certificate for added instructions  PART 1 - Find Examples of RFPs Due WK 4 Search for at atomic 3 RFP examples on the IT amphitheatre that could advice you in creating your own RFP in STEP 2. The websites adapted to conduct your analysis are: · (Links to an alien site.) · (Links to an alien site.) You may be adapted to register. Instructions are amid at the armpit aural the documentation. 1. Once at the website, you will access your chase belief for the accompaniment and blazon acreage for a solicitation. 2. Chase for opportunities aural a contempo 90-day aeon and baddest any befalling of absorption to you. 3. Include the address number, requestor's name, RFP type, and artefact or account actuality requested, and arrangement accolade date. 4. Analyze the called academic accounting angle for structure, content, and different requirements specific to the artefact or account actuality requested. Review the commitment methods, acknowledged requirements, and alternative accordant credibility for application to be included as adapted to the RFP address you will be creating.

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