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   GUIDELINES FOR THE ASSIGNMENT You will accept an account with a practicing HR able (HR manager, HR specialist or any being who has responsibilities for the HR activities in the company) on all or  any of the HR functions (like training and development, application etc.) You  will address the afterward advice which may serve as a guideline for their interviews: · A abrupt advice about the alignment (Vision, mission, history, alignment chart, acreage of operation, products, cardinal of advisers ) · A abrupt advice about the Human Resource Administration (Number of bodies employed, their positions, anatomy of the department) Name/title of interviewee Description of job duties Years of experience Previous positions · After the aloft  background advice is accustomed , the anwers of the interviewee to the accompanying questions you ask, will be written/organized in the article form.(not as questions and answers form) · Please accredit to the address addendum while advancing the questions  for the action or functions of HRM  you are activity to appraise during your account  in the called firm. Examples for the questions you are activity to ask during the account : · How do you actuate your training needs? · Do you accept your own trainers or outsource your training activities? · What are your capital sources for recruitment? · Do you accept a academic achievement appraisement arrangement in your company? The after-effects of the account will be handed in as a accounting address ( approx. 3-5   pages double-spaced) .

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