financial statements

 Your assignment is to accept a about traded association for your activity that will be due in anniversary fourteen. By about traded it agency that it charge be listed on an barter such as the New York Stock Barter or NASDAQ. This is important because you will charge the banking statements and addendum for your company. This would be difficult to acquisition for a clandestine aggregation which is not answerable to accommodate this information. If you are borderline if your aggregation is about traded analysis on their website. In the “investor relations” area they will detail this information. For your altercation lath column amuse locate the latest anniversary address for a about traded association of your choice. Attach a articulation or archetype of the anniversary address to your post. In your column call what is begin in an anniversary report. For example, what are the altered sections that can be begin in them from what you see? Lastly, be abiding to locate the assets statement, antithesis sheet, and banknote breeze statement. List in your column which pages you begin these on. 

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