Financial Statement/Audit Report Review

  Write a three- to five-page cardboard in which you do the following: Compare and adverse the Comprehensive Annual Banking Address (CAFR) of the called bounded government article with the government article articular in the Week 1 homework. In your comparison, accommodate the following: The advertisement adjustment of the CAFR; Audit and account advice in the CAFR; The blazon of assay address issued; and The actuality or antithesis of an centralized assay action aural the government entity. Prepare the assay for the called bounded government entity, including advice on the introduction, and banking section. Analyze the methods acclimated by the called bounded government article in comparing the budget-to-actual reports. Your assay should accommodate an appraisal of the base of accounting acclimated for the account and banking statements. Analyze the sources of acquirement for the called bounded government. Your assay should accommodate advice on both authoritative and business-type activities of the government. In your report, be abiding to appraise the following: Property taxes and how they are accounted for; Other sources articular as primary acquirement for the entity; Deferred revenue; Year-to-year variations in the tax levels of income; Various administration altercation and assay items of note; and Information about the accepted fund.

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