Financial management

Given in the what’s upFinancial Management- Anniversary 2 Appointment Sharjah SBS/ABS – MBA/MSC- 2021 STUDENT ID UNIT TITLE: ___________________________________________________ NAME (in Full): ___________________________________________________ GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS • All account assignments are to be submitted on 25th November 2021 on with the login accreditation aggregate earlier. • Appointment if submitted to any agents or kept in cc while appointment the bendable archetype will NOT be brash for marking. • If appointment is not submitted on date, will chase with amends of 10% acknowledgment of marks for every day. • Any Appointment acquiescence addendum appeal charge appear to Azra Fatima (Head: Examination | Academic) - 5 canicule afore the date of acquiescence with a accurate acumen and accurate documentary evidence. • Similarity amid acceptance appointment is carefully not accepted, any apprentice begin with agnate appointment will be graded Aught and abort for the course. However, Appropriation is an bookish answerability and will not be tolerated. • Any re-evaluation appeal should appear in one anniversary of brand release. Any backward appeal will not be obliged. (Form and alternative capacity shall be aggregate based on request) • Any rescheduling appeal should appear and accomplished aural two months afterwards the absolute date of the assessment. Any backward appeal will not be obliged. • Appointment already submitted to assay lath is final for marking. • Affairs participants are acerb brash to accumulate a archetype of their appointment in case the submitted archetype should go astray. • Absolute 90 marks. 10 Marks for Class Participation. Final marks will be adapted to 90 marks. • Please accredit the bookish guidelines uploaded in the apprentice aperture for added information. GUIDELINES FOR ASSIGNMENT a) If appointment is Catechism & Acknowledgment based then. • Introduction is bare for anniversary question. • Catechism has to be answered based on the mark allotted for anniversary catechism with references if any abstraction or advice is taken from alternative source. b) If appointment is case based then, • Executive arbitrary • Table of agreeable • Introduction • Body of appointment (questions accompanying to case charge to be answered) • Conclusion / Recommendation if any • References (in-text + citation) to be used. Total Marks / 90 PLAGIARISM Plagiarism is a anatomy of cheating, by apery addition else's appointment as your own or application addition else's appointment (another apprentice or author) after acknowledging it with a reference. This is a austere aperture of the Bookish Regulations and will be dealt with accordingly. Acceptance begin to accept acquired can be afar from the program. Plagiarism occurs whenever you do any of the afterward things after acknowledging the aboriginal source: ✓ Archetype advice from any antecedent (including the abstraction guide, books, newspapers, the internet) ✓ Use addition person's concepts orideas ✓ Summarize or digest addition person's work. How do I abstain plagiarism? To ensure you are not plagiarizing, you charge accede with a advertence whenever you: ✓ use addition person's ideas, opinions or approach ✓ accommodate any statistics, graphs or images that accept been aggregate or created by addition being or alignment ✓ Digest another's accounting or spokenword. What are the penalties? The penalties for appropriation are: ✓ Acknowledgment of marks, ✓ A mark of aught for the appointment or the unit, or ✓ Exclusion from the program. Plagiarism is dealt with on a case-by-case base and the penalties will reflect the calmness of the breach. Please agenda claiming that you were not acquainted of charge to advertence is no excuse. ASSIGNMENT TASK: 2 (20 Marks) Answer the afterward questions: 1. Account the afterward ratios for Rio Tinto plc for the year concluded 31st December 2019 (10 Marks in total- 1 mark per actual ratio) 1. Return On Capital Employed 2. Inventory Turnover (stock days) 3. Debtor arrangement (debtors’ days) 4. Creditor arrangement (creditor days) 5. Current arrangement 6. Quick arrangement 7. Debt/equity arrangement 8. Interest awning 9. Return on Equity 10. Amount Earnings Arrangement (P/E Ratio) Additional Advice Share amount at abutting of business on 31st December 2019 = 4,503 pence £/$ barter amount @ 31st December 2019 = $1.326 2. Application the 2019 ratios you afflicted in catechism 1 and the 2020 ratios afflicted in the affair 2 affair 1 address address a abrupt address (500 words in total) which compares the achievement of Rio Tinto plc beyond both years. Your marks for this catechism will not be afflicted by any errors you may accomplish in the calculations in catechism 1. If you accept been clumsy to account any ratios in catechism 1 you can accept an acknowledgment for 2019 and address your address accordingly. (10 marks)

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