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  In 2012, Bill and Joyce Schnappauf alive in Wakefield, R.I. Bill is 53, and Joyce is 51. Bill is a commune sales administrator for USC Accessories Corporation, a Rhode Island close that articles and distributes gaming equipment. Joyce is a self-employed columnist of children’s books. The Schnappaufs accept three children, Will, 21, Dan, 19, and Tom, 16. In February 2013, the Schnappaufs accommodate the afterward basal advice for advancing their 2012 federal assets tax return: 1. The Schnappaufs use the banknote adjustment of accounting and book their acknowledgment on a calendar-year basis. 2. Unless contrarily stated, accept that the Schnappaufs appetite to abbreviate the accepted year’s tax liability. That is, they would like to adjourn assets back accessible and booty the better deductions possible, a convenance they accept followed in the past. 3. Joyce’s Social Security cardinal is 371-42-5207. 4. Bill’s Social Security cardinal is 150-52-0546. 5. Will’s Social Security cardinal is 372-46-2611. 6. Dan’s Social Security cardinal is 377-42-3411. 7. Tom’s Social Security cardinal is 375-49-6511. 8. The Schnappaufs do not accept any adopted coffer accounts or adopted trusts. 9. Their abode is 27 Northup Street, Wakefield, R.I. (02879). 10. The Schnappaufs do not ambition to accord to the presidential acclamation campaign. PHASE I— The aboriginal appearance of the tax acknowledgment botheration is advised to acquaint you to some of the tax forms and the acknowledging affidavit (Forms W-2, 1099-INT, etc.) bare to complete a basal tax return. The aboriginal four capacity focus on the assets aspects of alone taxation. Accordingly, this appearance of the tax acknowledgment focuses on the basal assets concepts. 1. Bill’s W-2 is provided (Exhibit A-1). The 2012 W-2 includes his bacon ($94,000), benefit ($47,000), and assets from group-term activity allowance advantage in antithesis of $50,000 ($121.44), and is bargain by his 7 percent addition ($6,580) to USC’s able alimony plan. The aggregation matches Bill’s addition to the plan. 2. The Schnappaufs accept two 1099-INTs for absorption (Exhibits A-2 and A-3), two 1099-DIVs for assets (Exhibits A-4 and A-5), and a accumulated absorption and allotment account (Exhibit A-6). 3. Joyce and her brother, Bob, are co-owners of, and alive participants in, a furniturerestoration business. Joyce owns 30 percent, and Bob owns 70 percent of the business. The business was formed as an S association in 2004. During 2012, the aggregation pays $5,000 in dividends. The base of Joyce’s banal is $27,000. 4. The Schnappaufs accept a 2011 federal assets tax acquittance of $1,342 on May 12, 2012. On May 15, 2012, they accept their assets tax acquittance from the accompaniment of Rhode Island. In January 2013, the accompaniment mails the Schnappaufs a Anatomy 1099-G (Exhibit A-7). Their absolute itemized deductions in 2011 were $22,854. 5. During 2012, Joyce is the advantageous ninety-third addition to a bounded radio base and wins $500 in banknote and a stereo system. Despite again calls to the radio station, she has not accustomed a Anatomy 1099—MISC. In announcement the prize, the radio base host said that the manufacturer’s adapted retail amount for the stereo arrangement is $625. However, Joyce has a archive from Supersonic Electronics that advertises the arrangement for $520. 6. The Schnappaufs accept a Anatomy W-2G (Exhibit A-8) for their accomplishment at the Yardley Casino in Connecticut. 7. On June 26, 2012, Bill receives a analysis for $17,400 from the United Allowance Corporation. Though he was blind of it, he was the appointed almsman of an allowance action on the activity of his uncle. The action had a ability amount of $16,980, and the letter from the aggregation declared that his uncle had paid premiums on the action of $2,950 (Exhibit A-9). 8. Joyce is alive in the academy PTO. During the year, she receives an accolade for outstanding account to the organization. She receives a applique and two $75 allowance certificates that were donated to the PTO by bounded merchants. 9. To complete appearance I, you will charge Anatomy 1040, Schedule B, and Schedule D. INSTRUCTIONS: If you are application tax software to adapt the tax acknowledgment or are not commutual phases II and III of the problem, avoid the instructions that follow. If you are advancing the acknowledgment manually, you cannot complete some of the forms acclimated in appearance I until you accept added advice provided in appearance II or appearance III. Therefore, as a accepted rule, you should alone column the advice to the adapted anatomy and not compute totals for that form. The afterward specific instructions will abetment you in advancing Part I of the return. a. The alone anatomy that can be totaled is Schedule B. b. Alone column the adapted advice to Schedule D.Do not absolute any columns. More advice is provided in appearance III of the tax acknowledgment problem. c. Do not account absolute assets or adapted gross assets on folio 1 of Anatomy 1040. d. Column the adapted advice on folio 2 of Anatomy 1040, but do not absolute this page, compute the federal tax liability, or actuate the acquittance or antithesis due. PREPARATION AID: Tax forms and instructions can be downloaded from the IRS’s home folio ( You can additionally download IRS Publication 17, which is a advantageous adviser in advancing the tax return. What forms are acclimated and what accounts go into the forms. Thank you,

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