Due Week 2 and account 180 points The Federal Account and how it gets fabricated is a circuitous and diffuse action that has important implications for Federal and State agencies. Obviously, allotment for anniversary bureau is activity to affect that agency’s budget. Likewise, federal allotment for amusing programs, education, and alternative programs such as adversity abatement affects how states armamentarium those programs in their own budgets. Using the e-Activity from Week 1, “2017 America First – A Blueprint to Make America Great Again”, analyze the federal account with the account of one of the departments listed beneath and agenda how they are interconnected.   “Department of Energy” “Department of Commerce” “Department of Defense” “Department of Education” “Department of Homeland Security” “Social Security Administration” In a two- to three-page cardboard (not including awning and advertence page), abode the following: Summarize the mission and account of the administration you selected. Does the proposed account of the administration you chose accommodate action accomplishments to abate the arrears in the abreast future?  Does the proposed account put the government on a aisle to abate the federal debt aural a decade to a acceptable allotment of GDP? Does the proposed account adjust revenues and spending carefully over the continued term? Does the proposed account arrest above alms programs or acquaint changes in spending and tax behavior that will accept accumulative benign budgetary furnishings over time? Your appointment charge chase these requirements: Include a abbreviate addition and use the questions as area headers. Please accommodate at atomic three references, not including the president’s account and the account of the administration of your best (peer-reviewed not required, as best of your sources will be aural the aftermost one to three years).

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