finanacial management

  ALA (T) - Topic Videos – Activated Learning Appointment (ALA) Graduate Each apprentice is appropriate to analysis the “Video-of-the-Week,, listed in GAP for this accepted week. The video(s) alternative is anon accompanying to at atomic one of the Advance Learning Outcomes (CLOs), and presents a solution(s) to a business problem.  Using your textbook, LIRN-based research,, the Internet, or any alternative cyberbanking account database, analysis at atomic one declared claim, aspect, challenge, solution, opinion, and so forth, in the video.  Subsequently, you will accommodate in your CLA2 appointment paper, a abstracted and audible branch blue-blooded “Topic Video Analytical Cerebration & Reasoning”. You are to alarmingly anticipate about the band-aid presented and that you researched and activated analytical cerebration and acumen abilities to present the afterward (include every account in the ammo account beneath to potentially accept abounding credit):  ● State a advance CLO that the video relates to and how it relates to the CLO  ● Discuss your antecedent thoughts about the solution/challenge/aspect presented in the video ● Present what you would do altered in agreement of the band-aid presented in the video ● Relate the agreeable of the video to one of the CLO’s in the course.  ● Approximately 250 to 350 words in breadth (minimum of two paragraphs)  ● Accommodate the industry archetype demonstrating the appliance of your researched video  ● Accommodate the in-text commendation in APA architecture to appropriately advertence your article Please be abiding to accommodate absolution by commendation the commodity researched, and accommodate the commendation in the advertence folio of your paper video of the week: Paul O'Connell: Investments in the future: A new access to adopted aid  clo:

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