Finals Survey Of Humanalites

Final Assignment For your final, you will baddest an album, a film, or affected achievement to assay from the accustomed account that follows.  This appointment is agnate to the midterm.  However, these are beyond works, and your assay will necessarily be added in-depth.  Like the midterm, this assay should be your own, altered thoughts and ideas.  Please do not use alfresco antecedent actual for your assignment.  Your appointment is to actualize an advisory and visually adorable PowerPoint presentation.  Your PowerPoint is due by Saturday at apex on anniversary 8.  You should column your PowerPoint to the final appointment articulation in Moodle articulation on our anniversary 8 page.  Your PowerPoint should accommodate the following: Slide 1:  Accommodate your name and the conduct you’re activity to focus on (music, theater, cinema). Slide 2:  Assay the artist, appearance a blow or beheld representation of your selection, and altercate why you acquisition the appointment inspiring.  Why did you accept it?  Slide 3:  Give your clairvoyant advice about the work.  What is it?  If it’s music, is it an album, a symphony, an opera?  What is its anatomy and genre—classical, jazz, fusion, rock, rap?  If it’s a affected work, is it a play, a musical, or improv? If it’s cinema, what is its genre—narrative, documentary or absolute?  Is there a added specific sub-genre you can identify? Slide 4 and 5:  Anniversary of these endeavors has a artistic director.  In these slides, you will altercate the choices that those artistic admiral made.  What are the elements you apprehension in the work?  What are the affective pieces? How is it put together?  If it’s music, is the allotment instrumental, vocal, or a combination?  What instruments are employed?  What is the balk and accent of the piece?  What do you apprehension about beat, tempo, melody, harmony, texture, and dynamics?  If it’s a affected work, what do you apprehension about amphitheater type, scene, set design, costuming, and lighting?  Are there discernable acts?  How does the artifice unfold?  Can you assay the artifice elements of complication, reversal, climax, and denouement.  It it’s a film, what do you apprehension about the mise-en-scene?  What do you apprehension about the types of shots the administrator employs?  What do you apprehension about the alteration and the kinds of cuts he/she uses?  Do you see annihilation absorbing or important with lighting?  Slide 6 and 7: In these slides, altercate how the appointment stimulates the senses.  In the ambience of a beyond work, like these, this is how all of the alone elements appear calm to actualize a accomplished experience.  If it’s music, how does the agreement flow?  How does one song alteration to the next?  Does an upbeat bounce advance to a added black offering?  What is the aftereffect of this juxtaposition?  Is there a bulletin to the album, opera, or symphony?  What is that message?  What does the artist/composer appetite you to apperceive or understand?  How can you tell?  What aspects of the agreement accord to this idea? If it’s a affected work, how does one act move to the next?  Is the assembly affected in attributes or astute and activity like?  Does the actors do a acceptable job absolute anniversary character’s motivations?  What do you apprehension about the affection in the work?  Can you assay a abode area the affection changes in the work?  What causes this change?  It is lighting, or dialogue, or staging?  What bulletin do you anticipate the author capital to send?  How can you tell?  What aspects of the assembly accord to this idea? If it’s a film, accede the story.  How does the adventure unfold?  Accede the camera appointment and the altered alteration decisions.  What bulletin do you anticipate the administrator wants to accelerate this film?  How do you know?  What shots accord to this message?  What images advice accelerate this message?  How does alteration back this idea?  What do you apprehension about lighting or complete that helps accelerate this message? Slide 8: What is the all-embracing acquaintance of the work?  How does it accomplish you feel?  Rate the appointment on a calibration of 1 to 5 stars, bristles stars actuality the best.  What aspect did you acquisition enjoyable?  What aspects were beneath so?  Would you acclaim it to a friend? Remember, this is a final assignment, so it’s heavily weighted.  Please allot an adapted bulk of time and accomplishment to this task.  You will be graded on the agreeable of anniversary slide, the adumbration on your slides, and the conventions of your text.  Please accredit to the explanation for added detail.  You MUST accept from this list.  If you appetite to assay a altered work, you MUST ask for approval from your assistant no after than Anniversary 6. Musical Albums: The Beatles                        The White Anthology (1968)  Pink Floyd                           Dark Side of the Moon (1973) Bob Marley                         Legend (1984) Madonna                            Like a Virgin (1984) Public Enemy                      It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988)          Pearl Jam                           Ten (1991) Nirvana                               Nevermind (1991) Cranberries                         No Need to Argue (1994) The Notorious BIG               Life After Death (1997) Radiohead                           OK Computer (1997) Beyonce                             Lemonade (2016) Justin Timberlake                Man of the Woods (2018) Symphony: Tchaikovsky                        Swan Lake Vivaldi                                Four Seasons Opera: Mozart                                 The Magic Flute (1791) Mozart                                 The Marriage of Figaro (1786) Johann Strauss II                  Die fledermaus (1874) Movies: Psycho (1960) The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Pulp Fiction (1994) Fargo (1996) Gladiator (2000) Moulin Rouge! (2001) Collateral (2004) The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio (2005) Carol (2015) La La Land (2016) The Shape of Water (2017) Get Out (2017) Theatre: Rent Death of a Salesman West Side Story Fences Cabaret

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