Final Writing Assignment

  Assignment: Final cardboard ( Due by Friday, April 26, 2019) Assignment: Final paper 100 credibility possible Research paper Select one affair to advance your belligerent paper: 1.   American Flag> Should accouchement be appropriate to say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools? 2.   Airport security> Should the government use invasive pat-downs and anatomy scans to ensure commuter assurance or are there bigger methods? 3.   Amusing media> Can boundless use of amusing media accord to addictive behaviors (drugs, tobacco, alcohol) or brainy bloom issues? 4.   Beauty contests> Do they serve any purpose in society? 5.   Climate change> Is all-around abating a hoax? Is it actuality exaggerated? 6.   Bargain labor> U.S. companies that move factories to abortive nations almost pay advisers abundant to alive on. Is it bent to pay bargain accomplishment or are companies accomplishing those workers a favor? Type your cardboard application the guidelines for APA.  You should accept an addition with accomplishments information, and your apriorism book which is your position on the issue, anatomy paragraphs, an action paragraph, and a conclusion. The cardboard should be 6 pages in breadth already completed; accommodate the appellation page, abstruse page, capital anatomy ( 3-pages), and the advertence page.  You cannot use 1st or 2nd person pronouns in this paper. You can alone use 3rd person pronouns. Do not use the phrases, “I think, I feel, I believe.” Must accept at atomic three sources. Do not use Wikipedia as a source. In the branch of your cardboard accommodate your name, date, course, and appellation of appointment to the larboard of your margin. Type your appointment in a Word document. Indent anniversary paragraph, bifold space, 12 inch font, times new roman style. 

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