Final Team Selection for West Coast Transit Presentation

In Topic 3, selections for the West Coast Transit business aggregation were fabricated and now your job is to present the advocacy to your director. Surprisingly though, a charge is issued allegorical administration that alone four bodies will be able to agents the team, which will of advance access the burden finalizing the selection.

Consider the eyes for a acknowledged West Coast Transit business aggregation composed in Topic 3. Narrow bottomward the aggregation alternative to four individuals for presentation to the director. Decide which strategies will be best able for arch the agreed-upon team. Compose a PowerPoint presentation (10-12 slides) with a absolution for the aggregation alternative and arbitrary of the controlling action that addresses the following:

Who are the four aggregation members, and what was the primary acumen anniversary being was selected?
What are the primary strengths of the team? What are its abeyant weaknesses? How absolute is the administration aggregation about the team's potential? Justify your answers with affirmation from "West Coast Transit Aggregation Affiliate Profiles."
What strategies will be best able for affective the team, managing conflict, and ensuring its success? Cite specific motivational theories, conflict-resolution strategies, and administration strategies in your answer.
How difficult was it to appear to a accommodation apropos aggregation selection? Which abeyant aggregation affiliate was best difficult to appear to a accord about? Why?
Justify how the called aggregation embodies the ethics of Conscious Capitalism how the assumption of stakeholder acclimatization played a role in the aggregation alternative process.
Describe how amount is created for anniversary stakeholder, and in what means will the aggregation absolutely appulse the business as a whole?
You are appropriate to use at atomic three bookish references to abutment your acumen for the aggregation alternative process.

While APA architecture is not appropriate for the anatomy of this assignment, solid bookish autograph is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented application APA affidavit guidelines, which can be begin in the APA Style Guide, amid in the Student Success Center.

This appointment uses a rubric. Please analysis the explanation above-mentioned to alpha the appointment to become accustomed with the expectations for acknowledged completion.

You are not appropriate to abide this appointment to Turnitin.

Please additionally antecedent textbook: Kreitner, R., Kreitner, R., & Kinicki, A. Organizational Behavior: Foundations of Motivation. (2013). Organizational Behavior (10th ed., pp. 226-232). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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