FINAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL developing a assay angle for an action abstraction or a affairs evaluation. The angle will accommodate the sections listed below.  a. APA appearance format.  Page absolute -- 10 pages not including references and diagram (i.e., Logic Model).     b. At atomic 10 references aural the aftermost 10 years, mostly bookish account accessories and book chapters; no added than 3 website references accepted. 7. Introduction a. Account of the botheration that the accurate affairs or action is addressing b. Description of the affairs or action to be evaluated, including a account of the basal absolute or absolute approach of change for the affairs or action (i.e., the mechanisms through which the action is accepted to aftermath its advised outcomes) c. Description of the bureau environment: including the activity of the administering agents and alternative stakeholders d. Applicant and authoritative factors that access the evaluation e. Approach of change f. Logic model 8. Abstract Review a. Critical assay of the abstract on the accepted affirmation for the affairs or action effectiveness b. Gaps in the literature 9. Abstraction Aims a. Aims and objectives b. Hypotheses 10. Methods a. Abstraction design i. Type of abstraction (e.g., process, outcome, applicant achievement study) ii. Abstraction architecture (e.g., survey, preexperimental, quasiexperimental, experimental) b. Sample i. Abstraction population ii. Eligibility criteria iii. Sampling strategy iv. Recruitment strategy c. Measurement i. State the independent, dependent, and alternative variables ii. Identify and call at atomic one admeasurement of a abstraction outcome iii. Specify how affairs or action allegiance will be assessed d. Abstracts accumulating plan: what accomplish will be taken and by whom to aggregate abstracts and accommodate abreast consent e. Abstracts assay strategy 11. References

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