Final Project- Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuel

Use arrangement (attached)/APA Format/details on anniversary key point/10 pages/12 references with links topic-The Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuel This anniversary your final Environmental Issues Project is due. Make abiding that you accept followed the requirements and fabricated any corrections that were needed. Your final cardboard should abode the afterward key points: The Controversy: Identify the controversy  The Major Players: Who is involved? Why are they involved?  Important Facts: Accompaniment accordant facts apropos the issue. Try to abstracted actuality from opinion. Try not to appearance your own bias. Properly use APA citations  Side One: Arguments; accompaniment briefly and adduce your sources  Side Two: Arguments; accompaniment briefly and adduce your sources  Your Assessment and Rationale: I accept that..., We should..., I feel that... Use acknowledging arguments and rationale. What arguments would you use to present to those who disagree with you? Adduce all of your sources. References: Alphabetize your sources. Make abiding there are sources apery both abandon of the issue. You charge use a minimum of 12 sources and links. The final cardboard should be a 10  page Word certificate with citations in APA format.

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