Final Project Milestone Three: Effects on Professional Nursing and Patient Outcomes

Instructions This anniversary appointment consists of two parts: Part One: You will analyze how your called advice administration action affects the convenance of able nursing. Amuse explain the implications of the called action on accessible populations. Finally, a altercation of the implications of alive in a healthcare ambience that employs this called advice administration action should be included in this section. For instance, does it advance time management, authoritative skills, accommodating safety, workflow, etc.? Part Two: You will altercate the affirmation that supports the use of the called advice administration action in announcement accommodating safety. Analyze accommodating assurance outcomes from the abstract that abutment your called advice administration strategy. Explain how the accommodating assurance outcomes are bigger (or could be improved) by application the called strategy. TOPIC - Pyxis Medication Dispensing System This certificate outlines the adapted accommodating assurance goals for hospitals as recommended by the Joint Commission. For added details, amuse accredit to the Anniversary Three Guidelines and Rubric document absorbed below. DOCUMENT 1 AND 2 absorbed beneath is the addition allotment of the affair and acceptance of it.. Which can be acclimated as guidance

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