FInal Project

1) Creating aggregation E-mail and wifi/internet use policies     You accept aloof been assassin as the Aegis Manager of a medium-sized Financial Services aggregation employing 250 bodies in New Hampshire, and accept been asked to address two new aegis behavior for this company. The aboriginal one is an e-mail action for advisers apperception on claimed use of aggregation resources. The additional action is that of WIFI and Internet use aural the company. There are abounding assets accessible on the web so researching these capacity and behavior should be easy. The best difficult allotment of this exercise will be free how austere or how allowing you appetite to accomplish these behavior for this accurate company. Project Plan You are asked to actualize two abstracted behavior on use of EMAIL and a WIFI/INTERNET USE aural the company. Be specific in your agreement and altitude of use. Consider these items to be included in your behavior (as applicable). 1. Overview  2. Purpose  3. Scope 4. Policy  5. Action Compliance 6. Related Standards, Behavior and Processes 7. Definitions and Agreement  

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