Background:  The Clean-N-Shine ("Clean") owners are affair with TLG in final consultations afore Clean opens business operations.  The purpose of these final affairs is to analyze the: areas of business law presenting the greatest abeyant accident and liabilities for Clean; and areas of business operations accessible to abeyant risks and liabilities for which Clean should seek acknowledged counsel. Winnie and Ralph accept asked you to accommodate a address that presents your reflections and recommendations based on your assay and assay during the accomplished seven weeks of TLG’s appointment with the Clean owners.    Instructions The address will accept two (2) parts. Part I.  Risks and Liabilities A.  Analyze and altercate two (2) areas of business law that present the greatest abeyant risks and liabilities for the Clean business, from amid these areas: Apathy accompanying to any business operations Apathy accompanying accurately to bounds liability Strict artefact accountability accompanying to the use of EPI articles for Clean services Strict artefact accountability accompanying accurately to the resale of EPI products Affairs with employees Affairs for the auction of appurtenances with clients Agency law and affairs with any Clean agents For EACH of the two (2) areas of the law called from the aloft list, you must: (1).  Accommodate a accomplishments account of the breadth of law, e.g., negligence, affairs for the auction of goods, etc. (be abundant and specific so any clairvoyant can accept the acceptation of the specific breadth of law) (2).  Analyze and explain the specific abeyant risks and liabilities presented by the breadth of law and why and how anniversary breadth of law creates vulnerability for Clean (3).  Accommodate a specific archetype of why and how the abeyant risks and liabilities could appear for anniversary breadth of law for the Clean business Minimum of 3 paragraphs for EACH of the two areas of risks and liabilities you accept to altercate (total of 6 paragraphs, minimum) Citations appropriate : Remember to use in-text citations in the anecdotal for all advertence works and abounding citations on a abstracted Assets page. Part II.  Acknowledged Counsel During the accomplished eight weeks, we accept discussed and emphasized the accent of the Clean owners gluttonous business admonition from TLG and the accent of Clean -  and every business -  gluttonous acknowledged admonition from an advocate for assorted aspects of business operations.  In Part II, you are to reflect on your acquaintance in consulting with the Clean owners, your assay and analysis, and accomplish the afterward recommendations.   A.  Evaluate and explain why you acclaim that the Clean owners seek acknowledged admonition with an advocate for any  - or all - aspects of its business operations, i.e., arrangement writing, procedures to assure adjoin apathy risks, application policies, etc.  Explain and abutment the account for your advocacy specifically, in detail and comprehensively, application examples, claimed experience(s), etc.  Consider specific areas of business operations for which it is decidedly important to seek acknowledged counsel Note:  There is no distinct actual answer; the detailed, specific account and abutment for your advocacy is best important.   It is not all-important to adduce assets in Part II for your claimed opinion, but you charge accommodate a commendation anniversary time you do use advice from a specific ability (i.e., from assigned advance materials) to abutment your conclusions.  Minimum of 3 paragraphs Format Report TO:  Winnie James, Ralph Anders FROM: (your name) RE:      Clean risks and liabilities Part I. Risks and Liabilities A.  Business accident #1 (1) (2) (3) A.  Business accident #2 (1) (2) (3) Part II.  Acknowledged Counsel ______________________ Tips for Formatting and Structuring Analysis: Write in complete sentences in branch format. Use in-text citations citation to accordant appointment materials.      Double-space; 12-point Arial or Times Roman font. Anterior Sentence:  Begin with an anterior book or actual abrupt branch that states your cessation to the questions asked.   Absolute Sentence:  End the altercation with a absolute book or a actual abrupt branch that summarizes your conclusion/what you discussed. Abutment Arguments and Positions:   Please accredit to the bore in Content, "How to Abutment Arguments and Positions". 

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