Final Presentation – Interpersonal Communication, Managing Conflict, And Listening

 (Need in 8 Hours) 100% Plagiarism free!!! We accept battle all about us. Refer to the concepts in Looking Out Looking In (LOLI) and Becoming a Critical Thinker (BCT).  For this assignment, you will booty the amusing affair you wrote about aftermost anniversary and about-face it into an 11 accelerate PowerPoint Presentation. ·  For this presentation, you will baddest one accelerate architecture in PowerPoint that you like.  ·  Use alone the fonts, chantry sizes, colors, and background/background blush provided in that template.  Let Microsoft be your accelerate designer!  ·  Each accelerate should accept 6-8 ammo credibility of argument acclimated to call anniversary of the concepts you wrote about above.  There should be no continued paragraphs of argument affected and pasted on the slides. ·  Notes charge to be included with anniversary slide. This will advice to acquaint an compassionate of the ambience shared.   ·  Limit images to the awning page.  It would accomplish faculty to use an angel on the awning page. That would be fine.  ·  Remember, the assignment actuality is to accommodate an advisory arbitrary of your cardboard in the anatomy of a presentation.  ·  The aftermost accelerate should account References. In-text citations and References should consistently be included in your PowerPoint.

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