final presentation

The final activity in this advance will abide of a PowerPoint presentation (No Analysis Paper). You will broadcast this for your aeon to review, during the Finals Week ( Adviser will admonish everyone). Please, alpha the footstep appropriate abroad and animadversion on what your affair will be. This way you will assets your topic. No duplication of capacity is allowed. Once you accomplish your PowerPoint presentation, download it to the aforementioned discussion. Requirements listed below. Select a affair that was covered in this course, article that you are absorbed in could be a disease, or new treatment, or new analysis on some affair accompanying to analysis and physiology. * Total slides should be about 20 Title slide Introduction slide Body of advice (6 - 10 slides) Please use pictures if you acquisition article interesting Conclusion slide Reference slide You charge not get permission from the adviser on your topic, unless you are not abiding about the topic, or charge some advice with your research. The antecedent column is due by Sunday of Unit 8, and it is account 150 points. During the Final Week, you will analysis one presentation in detail and column a animadversion (350 words minimum) critiquing one classmate's presentation (worth 50 points).

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