Final Paper – Fictional Character

 Please apprehend and understand!! The Assignment For this cardboard I appetite you to accept your admired fabulous appearance from literature, movies, or TV. Using the theories you accept apprehend about this semester, analyze what blazon of ethical approach that appearance is. Here are some examples: Superman (in the aboriginal cine with Christopher Reeves) is a Kantian. His focus on accomplishing his assignment for the bodies of Metropolis makes him a Kantian because Kantianism is a duty-based ethic. He additionally refrains from abandoned actions, which agency he does not accomplish abandoned acts to accompany about moral acts, which is addition affection of Kantianism. Thanos is a utilitarian. His accommodation to annihilate bisected the cosmos to save the alternative bisected agency he will accomplish an abandoned act to accompany about a greater moral act. This is in befitting with the commonsensical ideal of bearing the greatest beatitude for the greatest cardinal of people. (I accept not apparent Endgame, but I accept had at charter 20 affidavit on this topic!) Grading Criteria Please use MS Word (or whatever affairs you have). Margins 1” top, bottom, and sides. 10-point, Times New Roman Font. Your cardboard needs to be no beneath than one folio (one folio to me agency you awning the absolute folio [headings do not calculation against your cardboard length]). To be safe, you should address into the additional page. Addition acceptable aphorism of deride is to address 500 words. Resources Please argue your readings and the adapted book/movie/TV show.

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