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this is the appointment details: Question: ◦ Were the adventures of macho and changeable disciplinarian agnate or altered in the nineteenth-­century South? Reading: 1)Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass 2)Deborah Gray White, Aren't I a Woman 3)Any pertinent abstracts from arbiter and certificate collection Requirements: 1) Papers charge be at atomic 1,000 words long 2) Footnotes are required 3) Bibliography is required 4) Please cardinal pages 5) Please accommodate a appellation page ALL YOU HAVE TO DO: first of all this cardboard charge a lot of work very important add some added advice about the topic  you could use this articulation for the books also in the adapter is the paraphrased comment or the in-text citation, try to stick with it and aloof add some affiliation chat and transitions (paraphrasing_chart). follow the cardboard anatomy in this link add some information, so you cam brightness the cardboard and accomplish it an A+ paper.   These two links for the books

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