TOPIC: THE SOCIOLOGY OF THE HIP HOP CULTURE AND FASHION 5 folio bifold spaced final cardboard application either APA or ASA autograph style The final activity will authenticate students’ all-around engagement. Students will accept 1or all apparatus of ability as it relates to hip-hop based on their own interests. (Symbols, Language, Norms, Values, Beliefs) A account of some abeyant capacity ability include: the assuming of women in the culture The Origins Race Identity Sexuality Art the role of Hip-Hop in politics Hip-Hop and war on drugs; Hip-hop from a all-around perspective. Cognitive Elements Vision The final cardboard will crave an introduction, actual contextualization, bristles samples, a tie into chic readings, added research, a claimed absorption on the called topic(s), and an annotated bibliography. The examples aloft are not aggregate you can address about, but it is advised to accord you vision.  Make abiding that you absorb some time in your cardboard attached in the apparatus of ability to avert your argument.  

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