Final Paper #3

  Total action breadth should be 2500 to 3500 words per being range.  Pick an breadth of the association to access.  This charge be a abode you can physically visit.  The breadth should accept flaws that can be “fixed”.  For this appointment do not choose, Downtown Salt Lake, Sugar House, Avenues, 9th and 9th or 15th and 15th.  These areas are already accomplishing well.  If you accept any questions feel chargeless to ask me.  Assess bloom of the association outcomes: The appulse of the breadth on affection of action based on 5 outcomes + 3 from the added list.  Use photos, maps as able-bodied as abstracts assay to explain what problems abide as able-bodied as the ambit and calibration of the problems.  Demographic and bread-and-butter abstracts is readily accessible from the census.  The best way to use this abstracts is to analyze the abstracts to alternative areas in the arena or the canton or accompaniment as a whole.  When presenting abstracts or advice if it does not accept acceptation to you it won’t accept acceptation to the reader.  Clearly ascertain your abstraction area.  Don’t accept a armpit beyond than 100 acres.  (8 to 10 SLC admeasurement blocks) How able-bodied does the association accomplish in these areas: Physical activity, opportunities for walking and biking as able-bodied as admission to parks and accessible space Affordable living, the accumulated amount of apartment and busline (use data, we allocution about this in the affordable apartment discussion) Accessible busline options Accessible recreational option Aesthetics and beauty Supplementary consideration Opportunities for amusing alternation and acquisition places Neighborliness Integration of schools aural the community Cultural opportunities Lifecycle needs. Are all the elements a being may charge throughout their action accessible in the community Water affection issues Opportunities to admission food, both food and restaurants Ability of association to ability jobs and application opportunities Opportunities for association to accommodated basal needs Develop a scorecard: Develop a account agenda for the breadth about to the 5 capacity additional the three added topics. The account affliction can be on a 1 to 10 scale.  Please accomplish the account agenda visually interesting Develop advocacy for how the concrete ambiance in the breadth could be improved.  Address the accepted area and functionality of: Private land Public land Parks and amusement facilities Photos, assets and diagrams are required. Additionally accede believable big admission items that could be afflicted as well. Accede how capacity presented in the chic could be applied. Transportation improvement Street connectivity Density Parks development Mixed use development Peacemaking projects Street redesign: artery reconfiguration Bike and banal improvements Sustainability Green basement development Grading Rubric: Were the apprenticeship followed? Were the 8 areas addressed? Was a agenda included? Were cartoon and illustrations used Were analysis presented in the chic acclimated and cited? Is the cardboard able-bodied written? Does the cardboard appearance accomplishment and the development of aboriginal thought?

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