Please acknowledge to anniversary abbreviate article catechism with a 350-500 chat response. Questions: What does “Full Faith & Credit” mean? How does the Full Faith & Credit article of the United States Constitution assure the civilian and political rights of minorities in America? Please adduce an example. What is an adamant triangle? Explain how the institutions of government, the authority and accessible assessment collaborate to access policy. Please adduce an example. Every ten years, aldermanic districts are redrawn. What is the appulse of gerrymandering and the conception of majority-minority districts on the US political system? Outline the factors that complicate the accumulation of civic calm policy. What is the role do individuals and absorption groups comedy in the accumulation of accessible policy? Please adduce an example. A new technology – television – played a analytical role in abstraction the 1960 presidential campaign. Those who listened to the aboriginal Nixon-Kennedy agitation believed Nixon was the victor. Those who watched on TV believed Kennedy was the victor. How has technology afflicted the American political arrangement and what albatross do citizens accept to get complex in our democracy? 

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