Final exam

   Overview: If you adduce or digest anything, again a commendation is appropriate to abstain plagiarism. If there is appropriation on any allotment of your response, you will acquire a ZERO for the ENTIRE exam. It is not appropriate to add quotes or paraphrases to acquire abounding credit. Alfresco assay is not permitted….you may alone use your abode addendum and arbiter assigned for the course.  If you use alfresco sources, again you will acquire a aught for the question. There are NO MAKE-UPS for the exam. All assay essays are due afore midnight on Thursday of the assay week. No backward exams will be accepted. Essay Instructions: Address the afterward alert in a able-bodied developed essay. Start with a apriorism statement. Use specific pieces of actual affirmation to abode the alert and body analysis. Vague essays after specific capacity and affirmation will not acquire abounding points. Worth 150 points. Identify, describe, and appraise the causes of the American Civil War and the analytical contest arch up to the aboriginal shots accursed at Fort Sumter in 1861. Then, explain whether or not the American Civil War was accidental or preventable? Why? Be specific in your use of actual evidence. Maximum pages: five, double-spaced. I will stop account your article at the end of folio five! Pick the BEST affirmation to accomplish your arguments and prove your thesis. Previous  

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