final essay one hour and half. on 8/20 at 8:20 pm

Here are the instructions you will accept on the day of the exam. You will see the capacity for the article afterwards these instructions alone on the day of the exam. Please agenda that the capacity will not be the aforementioned as the ones provided for you for study, but that those questions will adapt you for the exam. Choose one of the capacity beneath and acknowledge to it in article form. Your article should accept a bright addition and apriorism statement, at atomic two focused anatomy paragraphs that accept affair sentences, and a conclusion. Support the account in the anatomy paragraphs with specific examples from the stories. You will accept one hour and bisected to complete the assay already you bang below. At the end of the hour and half, behindhand of whether you accept finished, the article will be submitted. Remember that the assay allows for no cyberbanking accessories or alternative aids, unless these are appropriate through an ACCESS adaptation request. Write your own responses to the questions and anatomy them as best as you can aural the two-hour limit. i will absorbed the possibles essays affair for my final.  This proctored final article will be graded according to the afterward criteria: 20 credibility - Clearly articulate apriorism account (one or two sentences that responds to the alert and gives the cardboard direction)                 10 credibility - Bright affair sentences in the anatomy paragraphs                                              35 credibility - Specific details, discussion, and examples from the stories in the anatomy paragraphs                                                                         35 credibility - Grammar, mechanics, and appearance attach to accepted conventions  Total Points:  100 points

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