Final Course Project—Self-Reflection of Leadership (6 page)

  In Weeks 1 and 3, you focused on a Mother Teresa and her administration style, ethics, moral intelligence, credibility, principles, power, and beliefs. You additionally adjourned the aftereffect Mother Teresa had on the ability and belief of the organization. Now, it is time to booty what you accept abstruse in those areas and administer it in self-reflection. Analyze your own principles, values, beliefs, and behaviors, citation examples and analysis to abutment your assessment. What are your axiological attempt (e.g., four accepted principles)? What are your amount values? What are your behavior about bodies in organizations, bodies alfresco organizations, power, processes/policies, and profit? In what means do your behaviors adjust (or don’t align) to your principles, values, and beliefs? From research, accept two administration theories that you best chronicle to in agreement of your own leadership. Provide a absolute amalgam of anniversary administration theory, including primary authors or researchers, the above credibility of anniversary theory, and the similarities and differences amid the two theories.   Analyze your administration in affiliation to anniversary of the two administration theories, discussing how your principles, values, beliefs, and behaviors adjust (or don’t align) with anniversary of the theories. Compare your own administration qualities with that of the baton you acclimated in Weeks 1 and 3. Where are you agnate to that baton and area are you altered from that leader? Use examples and analysis to abutment your assessment. Using examples and research, absolve at atomic three key insights from your abstraction that you can use to enhance the ethical aspects of your administration influence. Submissions Details : Submit your 6 folio certificate to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Use APA architecture for your document.

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