You accept been developing a assay  topic of AMERICAN FOOTBALL & CTE(IMPACT ON FAMILY AND FOCUS ON PREVENTATION), through all the stages of development,  implementation, and conclusion.  For this final assignment, you are  being asked to put it all calm as you would as if you agitated out  your study.  It is accepted that you will accept to "invent" your abstracts  but try to be as astute as accessible as you codify your after-effects and  conclusions.   Recommend you area (Chapters - centered and bolded in  the narrative) the activity as such: I.  Introduction (Hooks, Questions, added anterior materials, and Purpose of the abstraction - in aftermost book of the intro) II.  Plan of the Study III.  Review of the Literature IV.  Procedures and Techniques V.  Findings and Interpretations VI.  Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations   You charge authenticate ability of several assay  methodologies and explain how to accept the adapted assay adjustment  for this assay project. EACH SECTION MUST BE VERY DETAILED.   Your cardboard should be clear, engaging, original, and focused. The account  and agreeable charge be abundantly developed with capacity and examples. The  organization and anatomy should enhance the axial abstraction and theme. The account should be presented coherently to move the clairvoyant through the  text. The articulation should be acute and back the acceptation through  effective book anatomy and absolute chat choices. You charge move the  paper through bookish constructs and empiric affidavit to  critical analysis.  The cardboard charge authenticate a bright antithesis of these components. You charge abutment your arguments and assumptions with MINIMUM 2500 WORDS OF PAPER CONTENT AND 9 bookish reference. You charge use actual APA appearance and architecture for  your paper. DUE 5/23/19 AT 11AM EST TIME. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM, NO GRAMMATICAL ERROR.

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